⚔ [May 03, 2020] - 54th Raid Tournament - 5*, Buff Booster; No Purple/ Dark

So today I went 3-2. Similar story to yesterday really.

But my Telluria tank defence is proving ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever, in a year, had a defence good enough to be A rated start to finish. I’ve been attacked 17 times and lost 4 total.

As above I actually feel bad for that…13 people have gotten as annoyed as I did when Tel wiped the floor with me again…I’m usually around 2600 trophies in Diamond but Red offense is my current biggest weakness and I just can’t really deal with it.

Welp, finally bombed out Day 4 on my first hit. Terribad board and couldn’t turn it around. Did a total of 16 attacks this tournament. Went 12-4 on offense. Surprisingly won 7 out of 9 on defense for my first “A” grade defense. RIP

edit: ugh i still need 21 more tournament battles for the final PoV tournament mission.


Haven’t posted one of these in awhile, but I was so proud of this, I just had to share :blush:

Pretty great for someone who’s only using 70 heroes without emblems :wink:


My killer mono yellow defense has only lost one match out of seven. Was super excited to try that defense out just to see how well it would do, and have to say, I’m super pleased; I guess mono ain’t so bad during buff week with all of those undispelable elemental links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since RBG are the only colors that matter this WRC, I’ve been sticking to pretty much the same heroes:

Always: Alberich

Green: Evelyn + Kingston (+ Telluria or Hansel occasionally)
Blue: Frida + Athena + Lepus (deadliest combo in the game) or Ariel (+ sometimes Vela)
Red (least used): Natalya + Zimktiha or Boldtusk

I’ve only lost one match, and that was a really crap board:

The most recent, strongest team I took down:

So see guys, 3/70 heroes ain’t so bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But now that I’m making it to the last day, I should be able to hold Top 1% just fine - even if I lose my next three matches consecutively. Hoping I can make it all of the way, but I’m probably jynxing myself by posting this now, so really not gonna expect much lol


I cannot wait for the no red rush tourney


Telly won’t fire :wink: too many mana or ss controllers

Well… I won’t post a video of todays battles.
I won my first but lost the next 2, meaning I am knocked out a second time.

One of those battles I lost, the second one, I was against a mono yellow team with 2x Joon… Needless to say I tried to see if I could be lucky and get a diamond but the move I made to try get it brought in and cascaded lots of other colours, and set off both Joon and then that was pretty much it haha

Only top 5% and i am unsure if I will remain there to be honest. I think i am in the 50,000 right now, not sure what the threshold is for 5% ??

Should be 70.000 ~75.000 with 1.400.000~1.500.000 participants.

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A bit unexpected outcome with my baby acco but I’ll take it. Total 3 defeats and top1%.


Well I’m out :slight_smile:

Got kicked out in Day 3 and I’m not paying 75 gems just so I can buy back in and raid Telluria Defences which have +90-+100 emblems…





I had a surprisingly good week for the tournament. Normally if I make it to Wednesday on any tournament it is a good week, but for 5* ones I don’t think I have ever made it past Tuesday before.

With only 10 fully ascended 4* heroes (and no 5* ones at all) and three of those being dark, I didn’t have much to choose from for my defence and expected a similar result.

Instead I managed to hang in there until Thursday, losing my last life with my last flag on that day. I debated using a continue, though more for the POV than the tournament itself, but decided against it after doing some calculations to see if I could get the tonic without it.

I dropped down to top 10% by the end of the tournament, but that is the first time I have ever managed to finish so high, and doing that in a 5* tournament is definitely a good result for me.

Best thing though was that my loot gave me FINE GLOVES, the one 3* mat that I am always short of.


My first timing reaching final day for 5* tournament . While processing my rank seems to be on top 1% but got rewards for top 5% . Submitted a support ticket … anyway I’m happy to get compass which my Proteus will accept :slightly_smiling_face:


Dropped down to top25, but my defense scored another win, bumped back to A and the additional points pushed me back into top10. Nothing worthwhile in the reward.

When the day ends, the defense-points are added. If you did not have an A, and were on the edge, this might have pushed you over the edge. As you can see above, I had it reverse; got bumped up a tier to top10:

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My defence was A , since it said rewards r processing I assumed my score was final (1st screenshot).

Does anybody know what tourment is next?

In my usual fashion of doing tourney’s, this one was little different. I meant to start on day 2 and then suddenly it was this afternoon (I can hear @sleepyhead sobbing into his lunchtime coffee) so I got 5 attacks in and because i am a 4* player i didn’t have high hopes for my defense although the 5* tourneys are well populated by players at my level.

Contested: 4 wins, 1 loss
Defense: 10 wins, 7 losses for a “B”

My defense team was: Mist+9, Brynhild+15, Bold Tusk+11, Mireweave+11 and Sumitomo at 4:58 (by tournament end). I have almost never tanked with BT!

I don’t consider this the end of the world for just 1 day!!


Indeed, the same score, so my theory is not valid… Hope support can explain, cause now I am curious what happened.

This is no bug. The calculation process simply wasn’t finished. It takes some time to do this for 1.5 million players. The time you looked it up there were may be some 100.000 players missing. Pretty clear you were ranked higher. This was just a temporary result.

Last day wasn’t good…went 2:2 to be eliminated a second time. Defense unchanged. So it doesn’t even hold for top 5%. …But pretty decent loot :sunglasses:


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