Maximum of titan score


Please help me to udnerstand the titan score calculation. I found in previus topic the calculation of the titan score. Based on that the maximum titan score should be 112.000. 14400=5.600 5.60020=112.000

But currently the 1st alliance has 117.000 points. What is the different? Am i wrong somewhere?

Thank you

“Yeah unfortunately I never nailed down the exact scoring on an escape. Basic titan scoring where T = Titan Level Win: T x 400 = points received (I once saw a difference where it seemed like we got 3990 but never could replicate that, and the interface is buggy as hell for titan scoring anyway). Ex: 8* kill, 8 x 400 = 3200 points agained. Escape (approximate) = (T x 400 / 2) x %Percent killed. Ex: 8* escape, 60% killed = (8 x 400) = 1600 * .60 = 960 points gained. Titan decay, 5% of curre…”

Sorry, finally i understood, but i can not delete the topic.

Closed now :slight_smile:

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