Maximum number of tiles

I recall reading that somewhere between 70 and 80% of all possible boards start with a match. The game wants you to make a move first before getting any hits, otherwise 70 to 80% of all battles would start with an instant hit, some leading to cascades, and occasionally a win before making a move.

Boards with no possible match are much rarer. I have had two in three years of playing daily.

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I used to get several starting boards that would instantly shuffle because there were no matches. I don’t ever recall the reshuffles resulting in automatic matches, though.

So they’ve obviously eliminated starting boards with automatic matches. Now they’ve probably also eliminated starting boards with no possible matches (as before, I’ve even seen the board reshuffle 2 or 3 times in a row because of no possible matches available, but haven’t seen that happen recently either).

I believe that they have removed both boards with automatic matches as well as boards with no possible matches.

I got an immediate shuffle last month.

And most shuffles result in an matches for me. I can only recall one that didn’t… and I was disappointed.

I also remember one that set off a massive cascade that made me lose in record time (and ones that made me win).

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Hmmm… guess they still exist then.

I used to get them on a regular basis, but haven’t seen one in a while.

Starting shuffles, I mean. Just to clarify. The ones that appear immediately when you’ve started a raid / quest / titan attack or whatever, and shuffle before you’ve even touched a single tile. I’m not talking about the shuffles that happen after you’ve used up all the available matches.

Forum said that (starting shuffles) almost never happens, but it used to happen to me quite often. It’s been a long while since I remember seeing one though. I thought that maybe one of the recent updates had “fixed” that? Maybe not, if you just got one last month.

At the end, I get Frosth today. He is my first HotM. Thank you @TGW.

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Yeah!! Those generous SG guys and their free tornadoes :+1::grinning:.

You’ll find your entire roster has been reset to 1-1 tomorrow…

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Congratulations! No need to thank me though, I had nothing to do with it. If I had the power to influence summoning odds, I’d never complain. :grin:

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The twenty characters

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