Maximum number of heroes allowed

As the above title states… what is the maximum amount before it caps out? I am at 120 able to be stored and can still continue to purchase. Yes the cost continues to climb periodically. Think it’s at 200 gems now to upgrade. Also, is there a maximum amount for heroes in training? I currently have 1 training camp with over 1100 alone. Same goes for items. I know there are several items I have over 3000 of. Just curious. As time goes on these just keep building up.

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Don’t believe there is a cap on training camps. I had one queued up for more than 180 days at one point. I have over 5k herbs and I’m sure there are some with much morw


I think he was referring to how many heroes you can hold at one time. I currently can hold 170 and it still gives me the option to purchase more space.

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Nice to learn about it. My maximum space for heroes is currently at 78. Because it didn’t go up when I levelled a couple of times thought I couldn’t get more but I guess I just have to wait and keep levelling.

Here it is the heroes space caps based on player level:

Source: XP per level requirements


There are no caps.
You can continue to buy extra roster spaces endlessly (the price goes up by 50 gems with every fifth purchase). There are players with like 500 roster spaces.
You can have unlimited recruits in Training Camps (I have some 20,000 and that’s not nowhere near the other players I know of).
You can have unlimited ingredients, ascension items or battle items.I saw 40,000 common herbs.
Even player level is not yet limited (current max. is 102).

PS: maximum number of hero roster spots can be overloaded by getting heroes from summons. It is also limitless. Your roster counter can even show something like this:



I’d assume it’s limited somewhere in database storage, INT, BIGINT, something like that…and/or what the underlying programming language can handle. :wink:

Im at 223 at level 56. Too many trainer heroes

Sadly teams are capped to 15.
Roster slots aren’t capped.

Always helpful to have about 50 slots more than locked heroes to get big bunches from training camps.

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