Maximum number of heroes allowed


As the above title states… what is the maximum amount before it caps out? I am at 120 able to be stored and can still continue to purchase. Yes the cost continues to climb periodically. Think it’s at 200 gems now to upgrade. Also, is there a maximum amount for heroes in training? I currently have 1 training camp with over 1100 alone. Same goes for items. I know there are several items I have over 3000 of. Just curious. As time goes on these just keep building up.


Don’t believe there is a cap on training camps. I had one queued up for more than 180 days at one point. I have over 5k herbs and I’m sure there are some with much morw


I think he was referring to how many heroes you can hold at one time. I currently can hold 170 and it still gives me the option to purchase more space.