Maximum farm buildings

Can anyone tell me please what the maximum farm buildings you can build please. Is it 8 farm buildings in total. Thanks.

NIne farms 20 characters


Thanks for that. I only have 8 farm buildings it’s saying maximum reach and I have stronghold at level 20. What do you need by 20 characters? Thanks.

I have nine farms at SH20. Have you built out all your open spots? If so, could you please do a couple of screen caps to show?

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Hi thanks for replying back. I have stronghold level 20 and only 3 empty spots left. When I was trying to build my 9th farm building it was coming up connection error proxy error. I try the next day and then it was saying I have reached maximum farm buildings. I have 8 farm buildings in total. I will try and send screenshot.

I just sent my screenshots, I hope there ok. First time sending and doing screenshots.

Not sure how to help your situation but 20 characters is just a way to boost the length of the comment as it requires 20 characters to make a response.

Did you convert a farm to barracks?


It looks like they only have 1, judging by the screenshots, as I thought the same thing

Oh I understand now. Thankyou so much for your help before.

I think it was the forge I converted to barracks.

Hope you found your farm

I just had a look at my Barracks and it mentions I can convert back to farm. You were right I must of converted my farm into barracks. If I change barracks to farm will I lose my barracks?

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You can always have a barracks.

Best to read e&p wiki.

No you will not lose your progress if you convert it back.
And just use a forg level 5 for converting subject. Farms are way more important to keep em farms.

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Hi Bud, thankyou for your help I really appreciate.

Thankyou for you help, I just converted my barracks back to farm, then I converted a LVL 5 forge into barracks. I’m so happy now I my farm and barracks at the same time.

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