Maximum Edge Recruiting


Come join Maximum Edge.

We have an excellent core of friendly long term, highly active members who understand this is a fun, addictive and sometimes frustrating game (of patience) but we love it non the less.

It’s open to anyone with 1200 trophies or more.

So I hope to see some new Titan vanquishing allies soon.


Unfortunately lost a couple more allies to some nasty 6* Titans come join the fray and help us defeat them.

Just search the name Maximum Edge and join our friendly and helpful team.


Now’s the perfect time to join only 800 trophies required.


Maximum Edge is looking for some new members.

We are constantly destroying 6* and are regularly taking down 7* Titans, we love to defeat Titans and we have an excellent group of alliance members who will all bound together to annihilate any that try to escape but we do not stress about the ones that do escape our grasp (we’ll get them the next time).

We have a relaxed but consistent alliance and all we require is to complete raids and Titan attacks as often as possible and bring along 1000 trophies, so come check us out. :smiley:


I thought another voice besides the alliance leader would be helpful to anyone reading this who is looking for an alliance and bogged down with the 597297791316569828305 different options here on the boards. We have a dedicated core group of players, daily strategy talk of some sort or other, and an understated sense of humor that makes this a chill place to be. There are no titan damage thresholds or defense lineup requirements to maintain; just do the best you can while your build up your team, give and receive feedback on lineup, titan, or war questions you may have, and enjoy a growing low/no pressure Alliance. Give us a look, and see what you think.