Maximum Edge - Active & Stable 120K alliance looking for two engaged players

If you are looking for an alliance that has fun, takes down 9, 10 and even a couple 11 star Titans and is laid back, then we are looking for you. Although laid back, we have a goal of moving into the top 100 alliances and therefore have set an aggressive 2400 cup requirement. Here are our requests:

  1. Be active - Hit Titans, participate in wars and have fun!
  2. No drama - Enough said…just have fun!
  3. English preferred, broken English is fine - Just to help facilitate having fun!
  4. Have fun - Just in case you didn’t catch that the first several times

We currently only have two slots available, so hurry. We are a very stable alliance, so once the slots are gone, it might be a while before another slot opens up. Hope to meet you soon!

Bumping up…still looking for a couple players to join our alliance.

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