Maximum Edge - Active 110K alliance looking for two engaged players (we’re full, hopefully next time)

If you are looking for an alliance that has fun, takes down 8 & 9 star Titans, has only lost four times at war, but is laid back at the same time, then we are looking for you. We have a modest 1600 cup requirement, meaning we are willing to help you grow into our alliance. Here are our requests:

  1. Be active - Hit Titans, participate in wars and have fun!
  2. No drama - Enough said…just have fun!
  3. English preferred, broken English is fine - Just to help facilitate having fun!
  4. Have fun - Just in case you didn’t catch that the first several times

We currently only have two (Just filled up, hopefully we’ll find you at our next vacancy) slots available, so hurry. We are a very stable alliance, so once the slots are gone, there probably won’t be another opportunity in the near future. Hope to meet you soon!


Hi! Do you still have an available spot on your Alliance? I’m cuurently at level 32, have 2200 trophies and I play every day! I always participate in Alliance Wars and attack every Titan. Thank you for your consideration.

Welcome to Maximum Edge SpottedTiger. We are down to one vacancy and it will go fast.

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