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Hey all!

I have been talking to some fellow gamers who were wondering about Marjana’s effectiveness as a sniper. I have seen it as a somewhat recurring theme over time here too. I wanted to do a comparison similar to what I did for costume Chao:

Admittedly I do this more for me than “popular “ anyone? demand :laughing:. Anyways, one CRITICAL issue I have is that I do NOT have Marjana. Minor, yet critical …

I have people that can help with costume bonus and emblemed screen shots, but not base maxed Marjana with no costume or emblems. I was hoping someone out there amongst the masses would be willing to help me out by taking some screen shots at specific moments, posting them here, and then I will take the photo to make the “report” ramblings?.

What I would be looking for from a volunteer once everyone is ready:

  • Use the same predetermined troop (it’ll be an unleveled 1 or 2 star, just so we have the same baseline)

  • A screenshot of the damaged caused to the boss on an as of yet to be determined predetermined stage.

  • A screenshot of the DoT damage to the boss on an as of yet to be determined predetermined stage.

  • Post said pics on the forum for me to grab.

That’s it, pretty simple. Once we decide on the details maybe grab those shots in a day or two. I get everyone has a real life, no real rush. If you’re interested in helping let me know. Thanks in advance.

Good luck out there!


You’re in luck @Muchacho. :wink: I have a maxed Marj, without costume or emblems. Of course I’ll help you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have one with emblems (which I need to reset/redo) and another at 3/70. Not exactly what you’re looking for but I’ll stay tuned to see if I can help.


I have a +18 Marjana and a +0 Marjana (4.80) that I could collect data for.

I do not have her costume.


Last year on Telluria’s pre nerv high bloom i used her and her copies quite a bit. She is not a good sniper but a fast hero with some burn.
I leveled her an her copies for war only because she is the better of the red vanilla heros. And red 4* material is what i get the most. Plus her art design is very well done.

Now my Marjana’s are lying dead in a virtual corner on my E&P stock. The new tank era is purple (Hi Bera, Freya). And Rush Wars are only won by the Alfrike counter per ally. Small Giant had always a good sense for grabbing money but not for balancing, but that’s another story…


@Whitey At least she had a use for you in the past.

Hopefully you can manage to get her costume soon! :pray:

Almost 4 years I have no marjana now I see why…you have them all…lol. I’ve got lianna team though but only 2 leveled +18 and +19. Might do a 3rd but wow that is impressive.


You are an arsonist !! You love seeing your enemies burn to death. Having 5 Marjanas leveled with 4 maxed and emblemed is crazy. Your dedication and competitive nature just to defeat Telluria tanks back then is unparalleled. I hope you get her costume using free keys, man.

I can’t compete with you. The only heroes I have that I maxed a second copy are Guardian Gazelle, Lianna and Gravemaker.


I only have one Marjana, a product of TC20 last year and only recently fully leveled her after several months at 3/70 as I don’t have other better alternative, save 2nd Mitsuko. She is my 9th 5* red fully maxed and is currently lightly emblemed. The good thing with embleming her is that her costume version will also be getting the most of the sword nodes path, too. Rogue and Wizard versions of the hero with costume has a good mirror on the talent tree.


I’m currently working on c.marjanna but I only have the original version to 3:70 , I normally fully level a hero before starting on the costume version since it’s faster than the original version. I kept two copies since I’m a huge fan of elemental defense down hero’s! But if this post is still up when I manange to get two more rings then I’ll come back and post her. I’ll take her out at maxed normal original then again in costume to see the difference. Is that the subject in question??

Hey all, sorry for the delayed response and offers to help! It really shows how great this community is. Here are the people that offered so I can draw there attention here:

@Noble_Weasel @sleepyhead @Shohoku79 @SamMe @Ultra @Kikyo @Whitey @Ruskin505

Sorry if I missed someone.

So here is what the plan will be. In the next few days (no rush) run S3, province 1, stage 4 on normal:

Place this troop on Marjana:

I will look for the following 3 screen shots:

1 - Card showing base stats.
2 - Screenshot of damage to the boss caused by the special w/ no buffs, etc.
3 - Screenshot of DoT damage to the boss.

In thinking of this more my primary comparison will be to a maxed Marjana with no costume and no emblems. I will link this thread from my report as reference so people can gauge the benefit of costume, emblems, etc as that would be useful as well.

Thanks for all your help and happy gaming! Good luck out there.



I have Marjana+2 for ages,… :blush: not sure if it is not helped, but I still want to try it :rofl:

I choose sword path, so it will significant not a standar.

OK, used my farm teams, Anzogh replaced by Marjana.

Here is base stat after troop.

Here is 1st special skill hit on boss.

469 Damage.

And here is DOT burn damage.

56 DOT.

And here my last hit special skill with different result.

515 Damage from special skill Marjana, without any buff or debuff.


Here you go @Muchacho

I think I followed all the instructions but lemme know if a do-over is needed!


@Muchacho Here are the screenshots requested (plus one extra). :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Card showing base stats

    I also screenshot Marj with requested troop.

  2. Screenshot of special skill damage to boss, no buff

  3. Screenshot of DOT damage to boss

Let me know if you want more screenshots.


Base card

In level stats

Damage from special

Burn damage

Bonus hit

Bonus hit 2


Marj+18 run:

Base card:

In level:

Direct damage:

Burn damage:

Bonus hits were debuffed or bad screenshots


@Kikyo 's Marjana is identical to mine. You still want me to give it a shot, @Muchacho ?

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