Max stats at class level 20 costumed heroes/heroes with max costume bonus?

Thanks @Lumi for your great hero cards. Can you provide us with stats on defense/attack path of costumed heroes/heroes with max costume bonus at max talents?

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Check this Tool out made by @Razor

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I’ve been working a bit with @zephyr1 on those. The only part that isn’t on some of the Season 1 cards is the Costume Bonus stats themselves, like I have on Brienne. I’m trying to catch up, though :laughing: Small note on these: the path priority I took in Sword vs Shield was to show the bigger difference between the two. So, Sword was attack, health, defense. Shield was defense, health, attack.

Is this what you were looking for, @Marktanner?


Yes, @Lumi, those are the stats I am interested in, they are very helpful. I believe you, these kind of cards are hard to elaborate for costumed and non costumed with max bonus, somehow 2 heroes in one card. It was that skittleskull costume and unused sorcerer emblems that put me on meditation state :smiley:


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