Max Special Skill reached

When i level up Heroes that already have max level of special skill, their special skill “levels up” again. I’m afraid this is affecting the other heroes that don’t have maxed special skill because their special skill is not leveling up.

This is new as of version 18. It’s unclear to me whether it’s intentional or a bug, but several players have reported it as a bug. Personally, I agree that it doesn’t seeming it was an intentional change, and find it a bit annoying.

Originally many of those reports were in this thread:

But that thread evolved to contain other bugs as well, so @Petri suggested making separate bug reports, and closed that thread:

@Kerridoc @Rook Is there a master thread now for the special showing that it’s maxed every time a hero is fed at all? Or should this new thread from @danis1 be the master now?

I have a hero that is leveled up and is maxed out. I went to the grid and used it. My hero showed a 1 above the ascension bars. My other heroes still show the 1, but I have a main hero that the 1 has disappeared and my points were not returned. Why was this removed.

@Maggie This sounds like a different issue than what @danis1 posted about. I think you should open a new thread in #bugs-issues. If you can provide screenshots that’s likely to help too.

I think the green banner telling us special skill is maxed is intentional as to enable us to easily recognise who is and is not maxed.

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This is not appearing in my version of the game anymore. So they may have fixed it

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I agree with @Starryeyedgryph, this appears to have been fixed in the version that was just released.

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No puedo ascender a mis heroes, estan en el nivel máximo y su habilidad no mejora y no puedo acceder a la red de talentos. Me pasa con varios heroes

@Mayada81 I don’t speak Spanish, but based on Google translate, I think this is your issue:

Please also note that the official forum language is English. You’re welcome to post in Spanish in #foreign-languages, otherwise please translate your posts before posting in general threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

I must be missing this update. Off to App Store I go! :wink:

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