Max level Heroes Impossible Max special Skill!


Yeah, try to get skill level 5 on tier 1 level 22 with feeding 10 heroes and I’ll agree.


Thx. I try one hero, 1-2 %. Works.


I have level 50, ascend full, green hero. Special skill 7/8. I try everythink but after last ascend no spec skill level up. It can be bug?


It took me two months to level up Renfeld from 6/8 to 8/8. 6 weeks to level Hawkmoon from 4/8 to 8/8 and now I am having trouble with Graymane for a month, still stuck on 6/8. It is a common problem. So keep trying!!!


THX. And what kind of method your skill level up?


Same color: 1 star: xp 180, spec. skill level up 2%.
2 star: xp 468, spec. skill level up 4%.
3 star:xp 756, spec. skill level up 6%…
10 heroes same color 1 star: XP 1800, spec skill up 20%.
10 heroes same color: 2 star: xp 4680, spec skill up 40%.
10 heroes same color: 3 star: xp 7560, spec skill up 60%. But 7560 xp is too much!


I only use 10% chance every time. Only when I have a lot of heroes on hand I go for more.
I got 65% 3* heroes maxed up and 8/8 without problems this way.
But it is the 35% that were just unlucky.


Thx. I ll try it. Good idea.


I had one Valen who I levelled at the beginning of the game, and he was levelled the traditional way by feeding 10 heroes. He ended up max level and skill 6/8. When I started using feed-1 method I just fed him spare single blue 1*, took some time before 7/8 but then 8/8 came quite fast. I have two ther heroes maxed but with 5/8 and 6/8, I’m gonna keep feeding them 1* but they are not a priority right now.

Here are examples of heroes I’ve done the feed-1 method (yes, these are 3 different horses :stuck_out_tongue: ), plus at least other five already at 50 so no point in posting them. So far the success rate is 100%, but as you can see Balthazar is really stubborn (4/8 if image not clear enough). Still some levels to go so we’ll see how he ends up. Kailani was the same or 5/8 at the beginning of 3rd ascension, because she was done partly the “old way”, but still managed to get 8/8

Heroes special level up

Try level up 15-20%, it works.