Max level but no talent grid appear and Hero can be leveled up

You have to max the special skill before you can mess with talents

Skill is 5/8
Needs to be 8/8


Fortunately the new update also increases the chance of increasing the special by a factor of 5 once the hero is at maximum tier and level.
That means 10 1* same color feeders or 5 2* same color feeders will guarantee a rise in the special level, and it only takes one of the same hero as a feeder instead of the four required for certainty while still leveling.


Thx. Now i understand…

Здравствуйте, герой полностью прокачен, а сетки талантов нет

@Jesyka88 My Russian is rusty, but based on your screenshot and text I think this is your issue:

Please also note that the official forum language is English. You’re welcome to post in Russian in #foreign-languages, otherwise please translate your posts before posting in general threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

(FYI @Kerridoc @Rook this may need a split, though I don’t know how you like to handle that with a foreign language post that needs to be split not moved)

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