Max level bug


I reached max level (special) on morgan la fay, but every time i add to her (fodder heros) she remaxs out


See also:


Yes its just annoying but not to much trouble since its at max lol


Is there any other bugs that followed from beta


It’s definitely a bug, and annoying, albeit not affecting gameplay. Just linking together your bug report with the main one for the same issue. :slight_smile:


Why thank you zephyr1


I think I saw someone mention that one of the other identified bugs had been noticed in beta too, but I’m not sure. I suspect we’ll see a quick point release to fix this little stuff.


Can you tell me what the “main one” (bug) is?


Sorry, I meant the main forum thread for that bug. Thankfully I don’t think anyone has noticed anything super buggy yet. :slight_smile:

EDIT: well except for chat blowing up completely earlier. But that was fixed already.


Oh good had me thinking something terrible was in the system like the gorgan queen was going to give good boards for once


I wish! We’ve got a 9* Gorgon Queen up right now in our alliance, and could use some RNG juju lol


Sending red tiles your way like a whole screen of em!!! :smile:


+1 The problem is relevant.


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