Max Leonidas

Is Leonidas worth the 4* AMs?

to be honest - he’s a good tanker that flanked with healer / buff defense.
i am still also thinking which is the better ones for overall event. (Yellow Heroes, original 5* Heroes)
Joon, Justice & him. His recent buff do stand out compare to last time round.

The answer is - it depends a) your roster and b) your materials.

I had basically enough materials to take two yellow 5* to 4/80. I had Leo. So I did it. And I don’t regret it one bit. I love the mana cut - that is the best feature no one pays enough respect to. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a Colen, LJ, Isarnia, Grimm, etc. teed up to fire and then, especially on the slow mana folks, it’s like I get 5 more turns to get them dead. 40% is a big cut on a slow mana hero!

Do you play him as a tanker or a side? I am still consider whether does he work well as a tanker?

… Thats my def team.

I would swap leo and sartana if it were me. That way Leo will actually fire…

EDIT - when LEo is closer to max that is.

I play him in the corner since I use Ares as my center tank and he heals himself pretty well. For defense I usually play (l to r) rigard, sartana, ares, perseus, leo.

Isarnia will replace perseus (and take up a corner) eventually and Lianna will replace leo (and flank ares). But to get to 4/80 or close to it takes forever.

Ic, it seem that you prefer to put slow mana on the corner instead of flank.
Putting Ares as tanker definitely better than putting Leo as tanker. thanks for mentioned your position.

Placing average speed heroes in the corner vs the fast ones you have isn’t that great an idea. We’ve found that its stronger to put fast in corner and average/slow flanking the tank. Slows in corner are too easy to take out and often fire too late to do a whole lot (unless you’re albi and you can revive people).


You want defense debuffers (and attack buffers), whoever they are, generally in the left corner of defense so that they fire FIRST since the AI fires left to right if you have more than one special teed up. That’s the reason why.

No, if you put them in the corner they won’t fire as often because they are in the corner and only get hit by one tile of damage (at least until other heroes are dead).

In your rigard sartana ares perseus leo, I would run it like this: Sartana Leo Ares Rigard Perseus. Fast hitters in the corner and average speeds next to the tank. Healer in the corner isn’t that useful.

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agreed with Dante - putting fast mana on corner is better compare other heroes unless you have no choice.
fast mana able to use skill even without hitting them. while slow (It’s needed the most) / average need to get hit to push the mana fast.

What about the second scenario? Isarnia, while slow, is also a bit brittle - and don’t we want her to survive and fire first from a specials perspective? I mean have you seen the damage a Lianna can do with 44% additional defense reduction? :slight_smile:

On your healer in the corner comment - I’m curious as to why - I get the firing less, but almost every team we fight in AW (and most who I raid) have their healers in the corner. Rigard, in particular, is a pain in the corner to kill off compared to the rest of the 4* healers (mel/sabina in particular).

putting her at flank is to push her skill to set off fast. while having her at the corner have the disadvantage of her not putting off the skill before she’s gone. you already mentioned how 44% defense reduction work - imagine you have set off Isarnia skill first - not just Lianna dealing that extra 44% damage but others are able to chip in too - why wait so long knowing how good her skill is? shouldn’t you should set her skill off asap?

AW - it’s slightly different from putting a defense raid team. The reason being the revenge arrow. some team are setup to endure long enough to pull off the revenge arrow (which healer on the side come into play) - which is totally different compare a defense team.

I get the reason why and the theory behind it (and also the why in AW) - but if her and Lianna (in the left corner) are set to fire (as an example), then having Lianna fire first is less than ideal. I guess I view that Isarnia off center is an easier target to kill from my raiding experience - I’d much rather not see her in a corner. And if she’s dead before she fires which is more likely off center than in a corner, what good is she?

I know it seems like a corner (pun intended) case, but in the course of any raid I see two specials ready to fire at the same time at least once regardless of mana speed. I’m probably focusing too much on a specfic scenario though.

I will try the other configuration Dante mentioned and report back if it helps me hold cups or not. I’m somewhat skeptical based on the success of my team (Ares I am guessing boosts the fast mana people’s attacks before they mana up and then they roast the offense when they fire) so far but I am willing to try!

Edit: I was curious about what others in your alliance were doing @Dante2377 - seems like a fair amount put fast mana people close to center and average/slow out on the corners. Especially those with Ares like me.

No - almost the entire alliance uses fast in corner and only puts ave/slow in the middle 3 (if they have any non-fast except for Albi and tank), except for Albi, because he’s meant to fire later.

There are a few who don’t, but that’s because 1. Zeline is AMAZING and should be next to tank even if everyone else is slow, 2 one person only has those 80s. and 3. Two people have Delilah in the corner. The other ~26 of us only have average or slow heroes in the middle 3 slots (excepting Alby), if we have any average or slow at all outside of tank and Alby.

How about for war - still feel the same?

pretty much. occasionally some people stick a max delilah in the corner.

Thanks - I’m not really seeing any preliminary difference in my AI raid defense…but small sample size.

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