Max Kelile?

Kelile was my second 4* red I took to max, even before they buffed her, and I never regretted it. You also have the blades so why not, it will really open up more avenues for you in raiding, titan, war and events. I eventually got other red 4* and a couple 5* as well after finishing those, now I’m back to maxing my 2nd Kellie.

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With the options you have no regrets on maxing Kelile. She was my first red 4* and she is tough and can serve on defense while you build your team. Scarlett is more of a luxury item, great on offensive raids but a bad defender (delicate and defenders stop dealing damage once dead, unlike offensive raid heroes).

Unlike @Rook I gave emblems to Scarlett, she is +9 going attack route and now over 800 attack so a monster in raids and titans. This is possible because I have the utility heroes that allow for a luxury hero.

Kelile is good for many things and will get you to where you need to go. Her stats are more even so this makes her spectacular in nothing but effective in many situations. I like her and I think you will too.


That’s me right there. Not going to spend the time or money to finish high in challenge events. Just give me my rare mats and emblems.

I’m with you on that. Enjoying Ameonna, who many are quick to discount, because she is deadly in a purple stack, which is my strongest color right now.

What’s important to me is doing as well as possible at every opportunity to get free stuff. Kelile will be on my second war team, in my red stack for green Titans, and probably on my class trial teams that involve rogues. Thinking she would have been a good option in the current raid tournament if I’d had her maxed, too.

She probably won’t get any emblems, though. I have them on Danza as my tank, but he’s probably just keeping them warm for Domitia now that I’ve drawn her.


Wise choice. She’s not worth emblems - I put a third of mine on her cause my only other rouges were a dusty Danza and a 1/1 Domitia, who is behind Hel in line for mats (nothing bad about Danza though, love him but didn’t need another tank and he’s not exactly trustworthy on offense…). Right after having done so, I of course pulled Jackal who will get the rest of the emblems (yet undecided whether to strip Kelile, cause I have now also pulled Inari and have no idea what to do with her).

she is not worthed for Def and Event but she is worthed as one of sniper in your aw offense team , for offense Fast and sniper is preferable

Ran out of roster space, so the deed is now done. Feeling lots better about it thanks to the replies here. Many thanks.


Now you got me looking at my Kelile (fast sniper) she is at 2:1 but I have Boldtusk maxed +6, Wilber 4:43, Scarlett 3:60, Gormek 3:8, & Sumitomo 1:40

@Vinny00193: Gormek’s defense-down is really valuable. I don’t think I’d prioritize Kelile over him. That said, his tile damage is poor, so it’s about what you need.

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Mate, don’t leave partially leveled heroes lying around, they fall into that horrible gray area, too weak to use, to valuable to eat. Finish one, start on the next.

My soul has been scratched by all those partially finished projects. It’s like the house with the cars up on blocks just waiting for someday…


Agree with this generally. It’s killing me to wait to start on Domitia until I finish up Tyrum and Balthazar, but I will. Also finished Danza before I started Onatel. However, there are a couple who would stop me in my tracks. I’d probably leave off the Kelile I just ascended if Boldtusk came along - already know how he’d work in my defense team - and I’d drop any purple for Rigard or Proteus. There are only a few of those, though.


It’s hard and super tempting to jump ship, but one fully leveled hero is more useful and valuable than two partially leveled heroes.

What about AM I’m sure that plays a role in partially leveled characters well at least in 4*'s & 5*'s

Well yeah, when they’re gated at 3/60, 2/60, 3/70 etc they’re not as powerful, but you take your projects as far as you can. Ascension materials are SGG’s bread and butter, and they dole them out whenever it pleases them to.

This is all very interesting

I have some blades and a bunch of 3/60 reds: Kelile, Colen, and 2nd Gormek

Already have Mitsuko maxed, along with BT+13, Wilbur+5, Scarlett, Gormek +6 and Sumitomo.

I don’t have another red 5 star and am not doing lots of summons, so hoping one of my 2 TC20 comes thru for me. So think I will probably spend the blades

I was thinking probably Colen, but now Kelile seems to be a supportable option from the above comments. Was thinking Colen for those rare super fast tournaments

Any views?

Where you’re at, I don’t think Colen would do much other than maaaaaaybe add tile damage on Titans which seems like a bit of a waste for blades. Kelile could be more valuable. She’s more versatile than Colen is, so there is that.

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Colen is good for Defense & Offense/Titan for tile damage , put in flank with mana troop as Azlar

Colen is a monster in raids you must take him out before he goes off. If you don’t you will regret it. Don’t have him yet but when I do get him I have plans for him

The problem is @Infinite has outgrown Colen given he has a maxed 5* red, implying he’s probably either in high plat or low diamond at least in which case Colen has more limited usage. I’m not denying that Colen is good, but for someone at that tier, Colen isn’t quite as valuable.

That said, looking at your red roster (@Infinite), I’m not sure Kelile would bring much either. You already have a pretty good bench, and Kelile does similarly to Sumitomo and Scarlett but kinda worse. She can be good if you emblem her out to be a mini-Marjana (and can use that), but Colen brings something you don’t really have to the table (and Scarlett/Mitsuko is the closest: wide damage).

If you have like 12 blades to burn, either is fine. Neither brings that much, but neither does unused ascension materials. I’unno.

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Thanks MD DC, yeah I’ve been a resident of diamond for months, and usually the least ascended participant in wars is 3/70 or a four star in final ascension. Occasionally a 2/60 will get a call up (eg my second Evelyn in blue tank wars) but yeah it’s a good bench already

So perhaps I just save materials for that second elusive red five star, got two or more of every other colour but cannot seem to get another red. Luckily I have BT+13 who acts like a five star so will keep waiting, as I don’t spend much any more, so expect TC20 will help me out at some stage

And the Rogue emblems are on Khiona at +4 :slight_smile:


@Sternman kinda hard who to decide to put where and on what team but you are right I need to stick to one of each color.

@Noble_Weasel I do have a maxed Grimm +6 but Gormek can last alot longer. Something to think about but I only have 5 blades for 1 more 4* red ascension.

@MD-DC In my early post I mention the reds I have. Been playing 4 1/2 months who gets the blades. I’m thinking Gormek or Scarlett just not sure which one

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