Max Joon or Delilah first?

I have Joon at 70 and an unleveled Delilah. I keep raiding well above my level and when I hit certain tiers the opponents get too strong for my defense. Delilah is probably #3 defense hero and Joon rocks in every position. Delilah can be used for raiding and is great at everything else except maybe titans. Should I waste the resources on getting a stronger raid team…or get a stronger defense and rebuild for Joon. Joon is great on D but a bit squishy compared to her. I can max Li Xiu but shes more of a mid-tier defense only hero.

Joon. you’re overthinking this.


Definately finish Joon first. He is more versatile and very powerful in every situation. Delilah is stronger on raid/war defense, but Joon is more useful against titans, in raid offense, and in events.

The only reason I had trouble deciding is because I’m normally at 1900-2000 cups but when I raid the 2500 cup people I get decimated after and brought back down to my usual 1900-2000. Ares, Guin then Delilah being the top defenders I thought might make a bit of a difference for my D. Delilah being as usable as she is.

You’re probably right lol. I do tend to overthink most strategy decisions :smiley: I replied to wharflord in a longer reply to this

Joon. He’s more useful, even discounting the current Delilah/Minions issues plaguing alliance wars.

I have top defense team (alby magni guin zeline X, where X = fast hitter like sartana or alasie) and I still lose cups most nights. Most people do, even with guin and hotms. That’s just the attacker advantage. Joon is better in almost every aspect and defense matters the least. You will NEVER regret ascending Joon.

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I’ll ascend him first. Thanks. Although I sorta knew these would be the replies lol. Especially with her minion bugs lately.

Delilah is great. Definitely a good final ascension candidate. Joon is just better. But that said if someone liked D better, she’s a very strong hero.

Power-gaming wise go with Joon, but Delilah is excellent as well.

Even if delilah worked 100% and was stronger than she is, still max joon first. He is just plain better.