Max Isarnia or Alasie?

I believe Isarnia is more of a game changer due to her special but she is slow mana. Alasie is a hard hitting, fast mana sniper. I have both at 3-70 and only 6 scopes.

All things being equal, in a vacuum, who do you go with?

@Dante2377 (I believe you have both?)

Thank you to all who reply!!

Edit: further context of my lineup and use.

Joon, Marjana, Magni and Sartana are my maxed 5* snipers. Guinevere, Panther and Grave are my other maxed 5s. I have most of the remaining 5 heroes at 3-70 and all of the “good” 4* heroes maxed.

I really partake in all aspects of the game… raiding, AW and Titans. If I had to choose, raiding (defense and offense) and titans would be my top 2. AW? M’eh… doesn’t impact the Alliance score, the loot stinks and I enjoy it the least - by far - of the 3.

In a vacuum? Alasie.
But there are many heroes that fill the same spot as her, when Isarnia is kind of a unique one.
So if you have other fast snipers then Isarnia.


With your team I think that Alasie is the better choice. I love Isarnia with other AoE heroes like my Quintus and Azlar, but you have mostly single target heroes, so Alasie is more consistent with that play style. However, Isarnia is very useful if you want to get top 10 in the legendary level of events, since her defense debuff is only bested by Athena.


While I generally agree with @Wharflord, when you can feed mana pots, Isarnia’s defense debuff is huge. Final stage of events or against big titans, Isarnia will give you a big bonus.

OTOH, mana control is a wonderful thing, and Alasie can slow all three event bosses with one cast. She would have been superb against the final level of Grimforest, hitting Red Hood and slowing everyone.


bOn my main i had magni and took Alasie but i didn’t get Isarnia there until after. My alt has Isarnia and LOVES her. that account is doing more consistent titan damage on 10s than my main was despite fewer 80s and and lesser depth roster (at least it did until i stopped tracking titan damage)

WRT to mana control, honestly powering up merlin to completely wipe their mana and damage is way more powerful IMO than Alasie. Merlin crushed the final levels of things people have trouble once bosses start firing.

If I had that setup and also merlin, I’d probably do Isarnia. BUT it’s super close. I also LOVE bringing Magni and Alasie raiding. You can’t go wrong either way I think.

EDIT amy next choice for blue on main is when i get 6 scopes do I take Isarnia up as 3rd blue or wait for whatever vague method past heroes are coming out (ie Athena).

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In a vacuum I’d go for Isarnia, because she will consistently increase your damage against titans. And given how titans are the most prolific source for ascension mats, not just for you but also for your alliance, they are top priority.

Outside the vacuum I’d also go for Isarnia. Those 6 turns when every. single. friggin. tile. hits a 44% softer target are really awesome if you’re keen on causing tile cascades.


Put simply, as I have neither:

In raids, Alasie doesn’t scare me. Isarnia does.


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