Max Hero Cap Increase Purchases

I’ve found several Q&A posts on hero capacity but none that answer this specific question.

How many times can I purchase the hero cap increase? In other words; what is the true maximum hero capacity if money wasn’t an issue?

Thanks in advance folks.

I don’t think anybody has reached that cap, if it exists. I’m up to 250 gems for 5 more slots personally, over 200 slots in total

I think it is unlikely that there would be a hard cap. The reason is why would SG want a hard cap? If you want to keep giving them gems I am sure they are fine with that

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No cap on roster size. Only cap on number of teams. Max 15.

SG is perfectly happy with you increasing your roster capacity with gems, earned or purchased. The cost of increasing your roster capacity goes up with each 5 slots purchased.

I am up to 418 roster spots. Unfortunately it’s 650 gems at this point to increase by 5. I have a 5* hoarding problem and can’t get myself to feed out my duplicates.

Hero cap increase by one every 2 or 3 levels or so. So, as long a player levels, max hero roster also goes up

Thanks for the replies everyone, that really helps. One of my alliance teammates said the option is grayed out for her. I asked her how many heroes she has but she hasn’t replied yet.

Can anyone think of a reason it might be grayed out?

Can you ask your mate to share screenshots just for us to determine what that gray out means.

If your heroes exceeded the max roster capacity, which is a result of too much summoning, you won’t be able to gather feeder heroes from training camps or hero academy. The only way to solve it is to dispose those heroes by feeding them to your main heroes.

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