Max health redux and % of health calculation

Maybe this is working as intended, but the game doesn’t take into consideration when a hero has had their max health reduced in calculating the hero’s overall % of remaining health.

Example is Anne - I’ve paired her with Horus. I’ve had instances where Horus will lower a players health from say 1500 to 1050. The player now has say 700 health left… which is 67% of their current HP (700/1050). Anne will only hit this enemy and stop because it appears to calculate the 700 health from the original 1500 and not the current health. Any reason for this? It logically doesn’t make sense but I see what it’s doing. Is this intended?


I suppose this is intended.

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I’ve always considered this intended. If a hero has boosted health they don’t heal for more.

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Thanks. Just confusing when a special says “more than 50% health” it should be more specific because I have no way of knowing whether or not the hero I’m trying to now kill actually has 50% of their original health or not.

Yes true, but Anne’s special in particular says 50% of health… so understandably when you see something like 900/1000 why it doesn’t hit another hero because they happened to have 1801 starting health.

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