Max harpoons in titan

So we usually get to tier 1 and sometimes their 2 in the titan and I proposed today that we all save our harpoons for a couple days to get harpoons to fully maxed on Titan and we are going to try it in a few days to see what all it gives.

Can anyone shine light as to how much better the loot is from a titan when all are used? We defeated this just now and I think we are going to all make until Monday comes around and try and get 100 plus on it.

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Thank you for that. Appreciate it

Don’t expect anything a lot better. Slight titans parts drops. Harpoons are almost too expensive for the loot bonus

A more complete/ Comprehensive data set & analysis:

Note that changing the Titan Harpoon Tier doesn’t affect loot in ANY way… just increases the number of titan part rolls you get.