Max Emblemed Costumes (+20), Show me yours!

It’s been well documented that the costumes are in hiatus. But I thought that there has to be someone out there that’s crazy enough to fully max and fully emblem their costumed hero. So let’s see them!

•Picture please
•What do you use this hero for?

The idea for this came from the thread

A 3* with 1000 hp? It’s possible. Would y’all use him? I’ve kept him as my tank for the 3* stuff.


Well, my Sonya is not fully emblemed, but with her costume she’s a beast against Gravy, Azlar and all the other DoT red heroes out there.


I don’t have anything to show but may I suggest a title change for the thread:

“Max Emblemed Costumes (+20), Show me yours!”

Changed it, thank you!

My main girl fully decked out!! I use her in a tourney where blue is banned and I would need a defense down in a 3 star tourney. I am in the midst of trying to level a dupe so I can use regular Brienne for titans.


Just in case you didn’t know, you can take costumes off and use the non-costumed version. Exceptions are if your costumed hero is in a raid tournament or war defense.

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@littleKAF That is precisely why I am doing a dupe. Just in case I need to use the costume for tourneys but also need the normal for titans and such. And vice versa.


I’m doing the same. I’ve got a hawkmoon and a gunner and a brienne. Just waiting for a Tyrum to appear. I never kept. A dupe of him.

Those are the 4 costumes I have.

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Not quite there, but I’m loving this new and improved Joon. Titans, raids, both attack and defense, he makes it into all my teams.


Holy mother of North. Don’t want to get into the way of this Joon.


Not planning on giving him more emblems, so just in case someone is interested.


I have Rigard maxed and Boldtusk almost. I tend to use Chef Boldtusk more than normal, Rigard is in my defense as a cleric and his costume just hangs in the closet giving him great stats.


I have maxed Boldtursk and Rigard. By getting those costumes I am able to easily win two more trials. I’m very happy with those costumes. :heart_eyes:


Really need to fix that since it’s complete bs

Just sayin

I guess I need to do that second Rigard and Boldtusk I have hanging around — otherwise the one I need for trials is always blocked. But it’s not priority at the moment.

Hits harder than Horghall, just doesn’t have 1500+ HP.


She is even more powerful than a 5* without emblems. Here Khagan. 778 vs 757



My Costume Quintus is +19. :heart_eyes:

It’s going to take me a while to get 230 more sorcerer emblems for +20. :sweat_smile:

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