Max Delilah?

So I just got my 6th dart and am able to max another yellow. All I have is Delilah. I already have vivica and Musashi at 80. I’m hesitant because while Delilah is awesome in wars I really do not have much use for her elsewhere. I don’t see her as very effective in defense or of much use against titans or events. I’ve tried numerous times to get Joon but he just doesn’t like me. Should I hold off on Delilah and hope for a lucky pull or just pull the trigger and do it for wars?

With the ability to potentially pull Guinevere in another week and a bit, I’d sit on the mats until at least then personally.


Guin is


20 chars

Guin is effective.

To the OP, I chose to level Delilah ahead of Vivica or Guinevere because of fit with my core heroes of Ares and Alberich (who also Heal Over Time). If I had Vivica, I too would hold off on Delilah. Guin is great in many roles.

I think Delilah is a better tank than Vivica. Average vs slow mana, and each cast build up another rank of minions, defending and attacking. I think we’ll see a lot of her on top-tier defense teams once people have time to keel her.

Guin is ridiculous at 80 with a good troop…

So pretty early on I wrote off Delilah, not thinking she was anything impressive.
I’ve raided teams with her a few times and still felt like she wasn’t anything special. Until…

I got ROFLstomped against a maxed center Del. Like Guin type of bad, and that really doesn’t happen too often. I misplayed my hero selection because I was more worried about Alby and Zeline and she punished me. I’ll keep raiding and report back if I keep having troubles.


Thanks for the input. I’m not sure that I’ve run across a maxed Delilah tank in raids. The average mana is nice for a 5* healer so she might be better than I thought. Viv isn’t much of a tank in my opinion.

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You don’t have Joon but i suppose you have Jackal and Musa, so for titans you are just fine (and the same for events).

If you are going to try for Gwin wait, if not go for Delilah.


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