Max Att. Buff/ Def Debuff

A question came up in our ally chat. Is there a maximum possible Att. / Def buff/debuff?
For example: If I use Boldtusk, Wu Kong. Bear Banner, etc, all at the same time, how much Att. could I possibly gain?
One of our members said that 200% Att. buff and 60% Def. debuff would be the highest you can get…is that true?

PS. I am aware that it’s more a theoretical question and that there have probably been some topics about this question before, but I don’t want to search the entire Forum to find the answer. :smiley:

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I don’t think there is a hard cap, but there is a theoritical one. Because the things you mentioned don’t stack (only wukong stacks), so if you were to use brienne, then bear banner, briennes buff would disappear (latest one takes effect). So buffs that affect the same stat overwrite each other (except Wukong because he has the -accuracy tied to the buff). Same goes for debuffs, you can’t stack them, except with one normal -defence (Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus/Athena) and -elementaldefence (Jackal/Hawk/Arthur).

So max attack is something like +300%(Brienne and Wukong). Not sure about max -def cause I don’t know Athenas cap
Ps. Briennes buff has a cap, I think it was something like 115%

Someone correct me if I’am wrong :slight_smile:


Thank you for useful reply. :slight_smile: I will keep that mind.

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Currently there are two +ATT that stack:

  • Gambler’s Stance (Wu Kong)
  • other +ATT (bear or dragon banners, Kiril, Boldtusk, Lancelot, Ares, etc. or Brienne)

Fresh casts of any +ATT overwrite the benefits from earlier casts, even if it’s weaker. Note that Brienne has the strongest potential buff, but can be overwritten by Kiril’s weak buff.


Attributes that stack

  1. Standard attack buff
    Options: Boldtusk, Kiril, Bear Banner, Dragon Banner, Ares, Lancelot, Brienne

  2. Standard defense debuff
    Options: Athena, Isarnia, Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm, Ulmer, Valen

  3. Chance attack buff
    Options: Wu Kong

  4. Color specific defense debuff
    Options: Jackal, Panther, Falcon, King Arthur

  5. Critical buff
    Options: Ares

  6. Passive Critical Buff
    Options: 3* and 4* troops: The ones with the fourth attribute being a little target

  7. Multiple Heroes of the same color
    Preferably done with the strong color: Two, Three, Four. It all adds up.

  8. Strong Color
    Blue vs Red, Red vs Green, Green vs Blue, Purple/Yellow vs each other

  9. Titan Weak Spot Crit
    This does not stack with other crit hits like Ares or troops. This will stun your titan if you get three tiles to hit it.

When picking your team and items together for a titan try and get as many of these pieces together as you can. Even having the defense debuff and a couple strong colors will help, or an attack buff with a few strong etc. :slight_smile:

This is all the stuff you can use together for Titans :slight_smile:


There is actually a max though I can’t recall what it was… It came out a few updates ago

there isnt. they didnt go through with the max, they just readjusted the way they calculate the stack. Instead of it being exponential as it used to be, you now get decreasing returns the higher your stack goes.


In beta there was a brief period where they considered a 200% attack buff cap (i.e. not much more than Wu), but it was scraped in favor of change to damage formula as apparently they originally never anticipated the extreme damage between athena’s sick debuff and the colored defense debuffers (panther, falcon, jackal at the time)

That change was at the high end of defense debuff as that used to scale via multiplication and thus defense debuff >75% got crazy damage. So the damage formula was changed so more defense debuff did NOT exponentially increase damage, but smoothed it out to increase more linearly.

The attack buffs were always additive, which is why they didn’t (and shouldn’t) change them.


Aw thanks Zero ! That was around the time I quit for awhile Didn’t know it was canceled :slight_smile:

I have had Brienne’s special up to +%139 by getting hit every turn with spirit link on and I don’t have her at full power (level 7 special). I think at full power she will get to +145% (45% + 20% each turn for 5). So add that to WuKong’s +185, and you get +330 as the functional max I believe.

Theoretically you could do better. Here’s a crazy edge case: you face five Thoths each with three minions. Your team has Spirit Link + Berserker running. You’ll get 15 hits per turn from the minions, plus whatever else the foes deliver, so 300% increase per turn for four turns.

But doesn’t Brienne have a cap for her special? appereantly not +115% as I suspected but I’m pretty sure she was nerfed at some point and given a cap? Can someone confirm/deny?

Brienne’s nerf was a movement between the starting buff and then the add for each hit taken. Less initial buff and technically a higher ceiling if the same person is hit the entire time. Crazy spirit link scenario aside :slight_smile:

Any ideas/help? I would really appreciate it!

Brienne & Khiona’s beserker attack buf that increases with each hit caps out at +144% (5 hits.)

I think Namahage caps at the same level, but I haven’t checked.

Athena’s defense debuf which increases with each hit has a similar cap. (I don’t have Athena so I don’t remember, but I think it is also at 5 hits)

In addition, Tarlak’s +100% stacks with all the other attack bufs, including Wu Kong BUT he also caps the total attack bonus at 160%

So Tarlak + Khiona will cap out at 1-2 hits adding to Khiona, but it is always an improvement over either of them alone.

And Tarlak + Wu (+ other attack buf if present) will cap at 160%, which is less than Wu without Tarlak…and you get Wu’s chance to miss in addition. Yes, they stack, but they make it worse!

Evelyn - color debuff
Gregorian - critical buff

Tarlak can also stack up to 160% without the -accuracy

Does Wilbur, kunchen and Grimm for example Def debuff stack?

Nope… Does not stack. Just tried Kunchen with Isarnia. Isarnia overwrites Kunchens defence debuff. Would have been nice if they stacked.

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