Max all four training camps or keep using two for training 1* and 2*?

Two of my camps are maxed. I manage to get at least 100 recruits a day, so I get a chance for legendary heroes every day. The others are lvl 9 and 10, and I use them to train 1* and 2* heroes for feeding. Is it worth waiting to max them as well (so I can get more than one 3, 4 or 5* every day if I somehow manage to get 200 recruits… yeah, like that’s gonna happen)? During the wait, I can only use one camp for training feeding heroes => leveling better heroes will take more time. What’s the best tactic?

I use the following set-up currently:

2x TC20 for the Legendary Training
1x TC19 for very fast training (and to work through the 2000+ Rugged Clothes I’d accumulated), then alternate between 1* and 2* training with swords and backpacks
1x TC11 for a constant flow of very low-cost training

Over time I’ll probably back off at least one TC20 and put it to another TC11 to store recruits.


Max all of your camps, undeveloped villages are ugly to watch :frowning:


Running TC1 or TC2 is expensive. You need more than twice bigger number of recruits for the same output as if you used TC19 or TC11.

So, you can upgrade your Training Camps to at least TC11 or better to TC19. Then you can train 1* using TC19 until you run out of ragged cloths. That will happen pretty soon. :wink: From this point you can put all your spare recruits into TC19 and continue farming. Once you collected some amount of ragged clothes you can stop one TC11 and switch to TC19 (it will take not more than an hour to burn out accumulated ragged clothes). After that you can switch back to TC11 until another portion collected Ragged Clothes. And so on. :slight_smile:


So to answer the OP:

Froma game mechanics POV, you aren’t likely to have more than two camps running at 20 and one more running at 19. The fourth camp should be running at 11.

I know some people run four TC20, but that doesn’t produce needed feeders to advance what heroes you get.


I agree with you. See notes.

I agree with you.

Also most Legendary training heroes are available in Challenge event summons, calendar event summons, Atlantis summons and Elemental summons. So even if you run 2- 4 Legendary training heroes, you will probably get the same heroes when trying to get limited time heroes. Gryphonkit, my wife, got Joon and Vivica trying to get Red Hood and Zimkitha. This also applies to 4* heroes like Hansel, Guardian Jackal, etc. lead to summoning Melendor, Wu Kong, etc.

But unless you are spending lots of cash, the more Extra low cost ( RT11 ) training you can run, the more XP per day they produce. And the more Rugged clothes you can get, the more Extra fast ( RT19) training you can run.

I use one camp to store food ( guaranteed rare, elite or legendary training depending on your needs ).

I run one camp on Extra low cost ( RT11 ) training and do not collect the heroes ( I am saving for my first rainbow 5* hero team )

I run one camp on Extra low cost ( RT11 ) training and collecting the heroes to level my 3*/ 4* heroes.

I run one camp on Extra low cost ( RT11 ) training until I have enough extra food ( 660k ) and Rugged clothes ( 120 ) for 120 minutes of Extra fast ( RT19 ) training then switch it to Extra fast ( RT19 ) for a few hours.

Gryphonkit, my wife, leveled all her camps to 20, because she expects Devs to one day increase stronghold to 25. I am considering this.


Interesting discussion on XP per recruit versus XP per hour ( Yes, this is why cash players use 3*/ 4*/ 5* duplicates for XP. Training camps and recruit farming is very slow ):

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Due to the expense of food primarily, I’ve been converted to the thought of two TC11’s, 1 TC20, the fourth is between TC19 or TC1 or TC2 depending on food and hero space. Works quite nice. Runs around the clock, suits your current needs. The more food you have the more valuable TC19 is. I think it’s the best TC but you can’t keep that going all the time and find the space for heroes and the food to feed all the feeders away constantly.

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2 tc20 is pretty important if you miss key heroes like Wu and the pulverizer boys, but as Sweg says, if youbstart to powrlevel heroes and troops you probably will be forced to scale down to 1 tc 20, 2 tc11 and one flexible tc 19/11


TC11 isn’t scaling down, TC11 is for storing recruits! TC11 is amazing just for that. You can store up thousands of recruits and remove them from queue later when you have food for a better option. When I farm 8-7 I get tons of recruits and a little bit of food. The recruits mostly go to TC11 for later, because the houses can’t store enough and you never have enough food. It’s basically extra storage, and it’ll pump out a hero or two as well.

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This is 2 TC11’s and one TC19. As you can see I don’t have the food to put TC19 heroes to use as feeders. There’s about 50 heroes I’m waiting to collect from the TC19. The TC11’s are extra storage.

Agreed, one tc11 is for storing recruits, just as you can dump food in a tc20 (which is never in my case).

But running 2 tc20 in produ
ction mode cant be maintained when powerleveling, so I ‘scaled down’ 1 to a tc11.

The realization that I could use tcs as banks was amusingly late

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There’s no way I could comfortably run two TC20’s currently. You might just be farther in the game than me. I like two TC11’s for recruit storage and I’m food poor all the time as it is xD

Thanks for the tips guys! ^^ I have a strategy now: lvling up the 10 to 11 and alternate between swords and backpacks and have patience until the 9 is at 19 to do extra fast training.

Btw, what do you mean by “storing” food and recruits? Can you do that in other buildings than food storages and houses? Ô_o

Yes, I’m pretty far in the game. I practically live in 8-7 to farm recruits when there are no events or useful quests, so I can easily get 100 recruits a day, and all my farms and storages are maxed, so food isn’t an issue. I had VIP for a while until I maxed at least one of all buildings to get the rewards. I also bought many special offers until I realized I probably shouldn’t spend that money :stuck_out_tongue:

See links

Farming s1-8-7 discussion

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Thanks! I’ll check it out. People always say 8-7 because it’s mostly mono and the last WE 3 stage. Lesson learned: don’t listen to people.

1-8-7 is still unsurpassed for recruits/flag, but if you’re looking for something else, there are better levels.

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Dang. I just read that 8-7 was nerfed at some point. No wonder that thread has 130+ posts. Dunno what it was before but now it’s 8-10 recruits per 3 WE, and I don’t care about crafting items. Guess there’s something better.

I’ve had my first TC20 running for almost 4 months. My 2nd is also leveled to 20, but I don’t run it at 20 anymore. It stays on 11 about 80% of the time. I flex it between 19 and 2 the rest of the time. I never do swords anymore. Other two stay on 11 full time. My TC20 is my food bank and can range from 5 days up to 50+ days. I typically time when to flex my flex camp based on how many days out my TC11s are. When all three 11s are full for a week each, that’s when I will flex and start doing 19s and 2s.

Is running two TC20 that much difficult than running two TC 13? Food and recruits differences don’t seem too hard to overcome at first sight. I’ll soon get to TC20. I had no trouble running 2 x TC 13, with level 17 farms and recruits from 8 - 7, no storing away required. Anyway, I’m storing in TC 11 and TC 13 now, but I’m curious about TC 20.

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