Max a second Drake?

I feel like having both on an attack or even defence team will be deadly

Fast speed so potentially whole team gets blinded and the one that gets hit by both takes a ton of damage


No idea. Thought about it. Almost did it but ended upping Rana instead of 2nd drake.

If you are not planning on invensting your darts on other yellow heroes a second Drake Fong is worthy.

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Really depends on you other options. Yellow 5*s are more diverse than most other colors. Healers, tanks, damage dealers, blinds, and now dodges. I’d be hesitant to spend 12 darts on the same hero just because you’re not expanding your use cases. But if you don’t have other good options then 2 drakes would be a powerful tool in raids and wars.

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I mean I rather invest in drake than in justice joon or vivica

Those are the only choices

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