Max a 2nd Panther?

Like it says on the tin, I’m in the market for a 5* purple but am at 2 tabards, so it’ll be a while. I happened to pull a 2nd Panther during the last Guardians, but I’m not sure she should get the third set.

Here’s what I have maxed:

And here are my options at this time:

Domitia is like last in line due to having Seshat who is better in like 99% of situations, and the others are… blehhhhh…

I’m actually leaning more towards Quintus due to him providing something relatively unique. Idk.

I am planning to make some Atlantis pulls, so the question has a high probability of being moot, but I’m not sure it’s worth having a duplicate Panther. Thoughts?

  • Yes ascend a 2nd Panther!
  • Nah, ascend something else.

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I want a panther probably like everyone who hasn’t got one! Having 2 would be cool!

Since Panther also dispels 3 and is fast, do the 2nd masked domina instead of Domitia.

Yellow titans will get weak all the time with 2 of her.

If both ready on raid attacks, you’ll be able to debuff the whole enemy team against your dark stack. A stack of 3 will then be as threatening as a mono dark.

Only Kage, Sesh or Ursl would get my tabards instead. Even Sesh and Ursl would be a tough decision, but Oba, Quin or Domi aren’t.


Normally I would say Panther. But I much prefer variety over duplicates. So either Domitia or Quintus. Good luck

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