Max 4* or 3/70 5*?

Maxed 4’s are better than 5’s at 3^70, with a few exceptions.

Support 5’s that are non-damage dealers can often be very useful without last ascension - Miki, Ravnir, Gazelle, and most any healer.

Do not see any advantage on my maxed Kelile over 3/70 Marjana. I actually regret maxed Kelile, better I should max 5 Squire Wabbits to those Alice event.

The biggest advantage is you can use emblems on a maxed kelile and she can in the be used in the epic tier of events, if you skip straight to 5s a player could potentially be unable to complete those challenges.

Only on epic events, yes. But I do not try to compete and always use my 4* healer/riposte team on epic events (Rigard, Mel, Boril, BT, Wu).

It’s true Marjana will end up doing more damage, but with a maxed 4, you can add emblems.

I’ll also echo what’s been stated by others - having a solid base of 4’s will prepare you far better than having unmaxed 5, particularly when events come around that only allow 4s.

Also keep in mind that you’ll get mats for Marj eventually- you’re not choosing one over the other, just choosing the timing.

Yes. But I better have 3/70 Marj, BT and Scarlett, than max Kelile BT and Scarlett for my 3tack. And Marj and Kelile in one team - for me it is perversion.

I think it’s more important initially but once you have a deeper roster it comes down more to play style and personal preference.

How close are you on Mystic Rings for Marj? How long did it take you to collect the 4 hidden blades you’re going to use here?

Personally, I never maxed Kelili, I have 2 of her sitting at 3^60 for 8-9 months now.

I have 2 or 3 rings and 5 blades) But this is not question for me, I already have maxed Kelile and Marj on 3/70.

Don’t work on 5* unless you have all mats to max it. On the other side some 4* (like Hu Tao), don’t deserve mats. If nothing else, consider 3*, you’ll need them for raid tourneys and challenge events.

Really depends on the individual hero. But generally speaking, a 4/70 4* will usually outperform a 3/70 5* (even more so with emblems).

Hu Tao also want mats, and it can be difficult to collect for novice players. And spend it on bad 4* like Hu Tao - for me will be regret)

100% agree. There are 4* who will not receive any sturdy shield or magic orb, but there is a fantastic 5* like Vela, which can help in every red heavy quest. Or Miki for titans.

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This tool can be really helpful when comparing a maxed 4 to a 3.70 5. I use it all the time when trying to decide on my next leveling projects.

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Ohhh yeah Miki is 100% worth taking to 3/70 for titans.

Don’t have Vela, but she has kicked the living crap out of me in raids, so yes to her as well.

That’t what I’m saying, Hu Tao doesn’t deserve mats, at least at the beginning.

Only to 3/60) 3/60 Hu Tao is worth for the beginner, but not for maxing.

Even earlier than maxing Wu)

Vela 1/50 + non-leveled 3* can solve all Mount Umber on first month of playing)

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Well, I got Wu long before I got Miki, so he was my titan champion for a while. But Miki has since taken Wu’s place for most titans. Only exception being rare blues.

True that! When I started playing had crazy good lucky on 4* ascension mats so when I got my first 5* heroes I was able to take them all the way with not much wait…unfortunately 5* are heavy on resources which is a problem if you are still building you stronghold to L20.

Strong primary team, lacked depth for war and challenge events. I have spent the last few months working on 3* and 4* heroes to round out my roster and build depth.

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