MAVENS alliance looking for YOU

Hello. We are Mavens, a strong and active alliance that’s looking for players who are motivated to give their all. We can usually win our wars and beat 8-9* titans on the regular.

We train new players and welcome expierenced fighters. We help anyone with questions about anything, whether in the game or outside. We have become a little family and we want you to be a part of that. :blush:

Everyone is welcome to join, no matter what level. All we ask is to use your flags and attack your titans. We have players from all over the world but our main language is English.

If a small alliance is willing to merge, we are up for that too and we will be co-leaders together. we have 9 spots available at the moment.

Please check us out, and join our fun! :two_hearts:

Joined last week, good group. Check us out.

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