MATS to ascend ONE hero from each element...but who to ascend?!

I have MATS to ascend ONE hero from each element/color and wanting to focus primarily on offense/attack. All heroes are at Level 60. Who would you ascend to Level 70?

Elena (5-star)
Boldtusk (4-star)
Scarlett (4-star)
Sumitomo (4-star)

Ranvir (5-star)
Inari (5-star)
Justice (5-star)
Li-Xiu (4-star)
Danzaburo (4-star)

Horghall (5-star)
Kashhrek (4-star)
Margaret (5-star)

Kiril (4-star)
Sonya (4-star)
Boril (4-star)

Rigard (4-star)
Merlin (4-star)
Tiburtus (4-star)
Cyprian (4-star)

I think this is the wrong section for this, but here goes.

Going strictly offensive minded:

Edit: A Sonya/Rigard combo instead of Kiril/Merlin would be a better overall choice, but Kiril/Merlin is the more offensive choice

Scarlett- She’s going to be better than Elena at 70 and level quicker
Yellow- Ranvir, unless you have Wu already leveled, then one of the other two
Green- Kashhrek he’s the best tank at 70 probably
Blue- Kiril solid hero you will use for a long time
Purple- Tiburtus, he’ll pulverize ya, good for titans and other things.

Evaluations based on having no other 70s since this is all the information we got.

It would help to know what else you have available, but with no other information:
Red: Boldtusk. If you have a lot of healers, you could do Scarlett instead. Basically, anything but Elena, because she won’t be as useful at 70 as the others will be maxed.
Yellow: Ranvir will be best at 3/70 since you can use his special on high titan scores.
Green: I’m kind of inclined to say wait… you have a lot of healers, it looks like. Kashhrek is a great tank in low platinum, but completely worthless in the late game.
Blue: Kiril. Kiril, and then Kiril again! I have mine emblemed to +17 and he is basically a 5* healer
Purple: If you don’t have any of the other pulverizors maxed go with Tiburtus. Rigard is an amazing hero, but you already have a bunch of healers… I wouldn’t want to go too heavy on healers and not have any heavy hitters.

Agree its hard to say something without knowing wich heroes he already have… also what does he want for now… good defense for the cups or better titan teams…

And if he already has Wu Kong maxed, Ranvir probably wouldn’t help him unless he is close to enough mats for max ascension… even then, the improvement isn’t great, so he could be better off going another direction. Also, just because these heroes are at 60 doesn’t mean there isn’t a better option on his roster at 1/1. I’d rather take the time to bring up the better hero instead of using valuable ascension items on a ready hero just because they are ready.

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So the key here is that you’re either going to max the four star, or bring the five star to 3.70. For that reason, I’m going to strongly prefer the four star heroes; they’ll be stronger and you’ll get more usage / better performances from them while you accumulate the materials you’ll need for those four stars.

As others have said, not knowing the rest of your roster makes this difficult, but here goes:

Red: Boldtusk. He’s amazing, his buff is incredibly useful, and while I know you said to focus on offense, he has great utility everywhere (offense, defense, maps, titans). If you felt like there’s too much overlap with Kiril, then Scarlett is a defensible choice.

Yellow: Ranvir if he’s dying / you don’t have Wu Kong. If he’s not alive at critical moments, then increasing his survivability is a strong option.

Green: I don’t know…I guess Margaret since she’s the most offensively-oriented hero? But I don’t love it - do you not have a viable four star option in this element? If not I honestly would maybe wait.

Blue: Kiril is awesome, like Boldtusk. But if you have need of a dispeller (like if you don’t have Caedmon / Melendor), then I think Sonya is reasonable. If you go Sonya I’d definitely go Boldtusk, whereas if you go Kiril here I think that opens the door for Scarlett (though I still prefer Boldtusk).

Purple: I can see a strong option for any of these, depending on your roster. Are you frequently in fights where a lot of status ailments get slapped on you? Then now is the time for Rigard. Though I hope that’s NOT the case since it tilts your roster very heavily towards healing. Do you not have Grimm or Gormek (or Wilbur or Buddy)? Then Tiburtus is a must so you have a defense down hero.

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do you have any other maxed 4* heroes?

If not then I’d go for the 4*s first. Merlin, Boldtusk, Kashhrek, Sonya would be my recommendations. And since you only posed 5* for yellow I’d go with Ranvir.

But it would really help to know what other heroes you have maxed.

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Thank you so far. Some more info:

Fairly new to the game and decided to max all 4 and 5 star heroes to level 60 before deciding who to ascend further, when rarer ascension items would be needed. Now ready to ascend FIVE heroes from those mentioned above.

I have several three stars fully maxed. No four or five stars maxed.

I will add a few more to the list above. Thanks again!

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My apologies if that is the case, thought gameplay/tactics was a good place for this post.

Red: Boldtusk, a 4* maxed is quite on the same ground than a 5* 3/70 in my opinion

Yellow: Ranvir

Green : Margaret

Blue…: hmm, tough choice… It’s very situational here. So i dont really know… Kiril maybe

Purple: also tough choice, ill go Rigard but it will really depend of your roaster

I would concentrate on the 4* since you’re new to the game and they will help you more. The 5* at 3/70 are not any better than a 4* at 4/70, and will take longer to get there.

With that in mind, and with offense the focus:
Red - BT
Yellow - Li Xiu for the mana down
Green - not much to choose from, but Kashhrek is a decent tank
Blue - Sonya for the debuff cleanser which is needed for riposters
Purple - Tiburtus you need a ramming pulverizer

Is there any debate between Ranvir or Inari, given I do NOT have Wu Kong?

Without any other info I’d say prioritize Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Sonya, Li Xiu/Danzaburo.

4* are way easier to lvl than 5* and will help you quicker and help you get the mats you’ll need for the 5*.

Boldtusk is great on offense, defense and titans.
Tiburtus’s defense down is great on offense, titans and he’s fine for defense too.
Sonya is great for offense and defense,

Boldtusks’s ATT buff and Tiburtus’s DEF down debuff are huge! Those were a couple of my first 4* I maxed and they’ve been amazing for me. Still have BT+14 as my tank in alliance wars and my Tiburtus+17 is a beast. You’ll want both for offense and titans.

Is your focus on raids or titans?

If raids, the 4* will help you quicker. If titans then consider Ranvir but be aware he will take much longer to level up. Unless you’re hitting higher level titans you can do decently well without Wu.

I finally got Wu myself, after playing over a year. He’s still not ready for titans but I also have Wilbur who is. Before I had either I could hit in the 10-25k region (depending on colour). So far with Wilbur that has gone up to 20-30k now.

Boldtusk or Scarlett for Red and Li Xiu for Yellow. I’d hold off on Green for a while because Kashrek’s your best option and I don’t see him pairing well with the others. For Blue and Purple, you can’t go wrong with any of them but I’d do Tiburtus and Sonya first

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