Mats to ascend cyprian or Sartana or Seshat

well trying to decide what hero to take to 70. i’ve got the 4 Trap Tools plus other mats… i can take Cyprian, Sartana, Seshat, or Sabina to ascension to hit level 70. already have Rigard and Tiburtus maxxed.

how many tabards do you have? might be worth it to start bringing a 5* if u have at least 4, if you have less than 4, i’d do another 4* for now, and hope you start getting a little luckier with the tabard drops.

Without looking at your roster, i’d say sabina beats cyprian just due to the amount of dispellers out there and you can never have enough healers and passive dispellers.

If you have the tabards, seshat is far more annoying than sartana, due to passive ability and the element link. Hope this helps.


another vote for Sabina or Seshat due to the general usefulness of dispellers. that said, it does depend a lot on the rest of your heroes.

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How many royal tabards do u have?

Given that Seshat is better than Sartana, if only just, it’s hard to make an argument for including Sartana in the running.

So then the question becomes Cyprian v. Seshat, in which case the answer seems more obvious.

Given how early you are in your E&P career, ascending a 5* seems a bit premature, but given you’re just one tabard off, I’d run with Seshat. Have fun with that feeding adventure. 10 1* heroes will get her 1/4th of the way when she gets to 4/70+. :joy:


Thanks! not quite sure how i’ll use her yet… but she might come in handy

No question at all - Seshat 100 per cent.

But only take her to about 4/40 for now, unless you get purple trainers.

After 4/40, she’ll be plenty strong enough for a looong time for you.

The resources required to get her from 4/40 to 4/80 will nearly level Cyprian. So switch to him. You’re only giving up about 5-10 percent of her strength for an entirely new 4*

I recommend this approach for every 5* while you’re building team depth/war strength.

Once you get 30 usable heroes for war, concentrate on leveling your war defenders first. Then all the 4s on your offensive teams. Then finally your 5s

This approach had me leading war boards when 10 others on my alliance had stronger front line teams then me. I just had more depth.


Its Seshat by a long way. She is so good.

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