🎃 Matilda - 5* Holy / Yellow from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

If you have uraeus go with him, with Matilda he it’s beasts.


Not normal amount. It works correctly.

I won’t suggest it. But it does work very well for me. Rayne, Lord Loki, Matilda, Dr Zuri and Arco.


In my opinion… the best hero to go with Matilda if you cannot stack yellow… is only JF. Why not start focusing on JF… probably will have him ready within a month or two depending on your ring availability.

I have been trying Matilda with various kind of DoT heroes… Jean-Francois yielded the best result.


  1. JF is fast. Whilc having both casts at the same time is still a problem… it is rather easy to happen. In fact I used my 6 raid flags not too long ago and in all 6 flags JF managed to cast together with Matilda (together here means JF is able to have his fire still going by the time Matilda’s fiend appear… or vice versa).

  2. And once JF and Matilda both have managed to cast… all you have to do (provided enemy doesn’t have a substantial healer) is to stay alive. The battle is already in your hand (which is why most of the time strategically I always aim for healer first with my sniper). The battle will end usually within 3 turns after JF / Matilda combo-cast (plus minus two or three turns… as long as Matilda’s fiends can meet up with JF’s fire lol).

  3. Now… apart from Clarissa and Gravemaker (which I don’t have)… most other DoT dealer are not fast / v.fast. This makes it much harder for Matilda’s fiend to help obliterate enemy.

  4. Matilda’s poison can stand on her own no problem… but without another support DoT… I will need to depend on other method to kill off the whole team. However with JF’s fire in the same battlefield… it really is only a matter of time and staying alive for 2 to 3 turns. Your win is already guaranteed.

(There are some special situation where despite being able to combo-cast both… I still lose the battle. This usually happens when the other party has Miriam and Midnight). Her special is a common enemy towards Matilda’s fiend. Like… literally. If you faced off against M&M… you have to make sure to kill her before she cast… which is usually not possible with my team formation (I usually bring rainbow team… in-order to kill M&M before she cast… I have to at least bring 3-2 or mono team).

  1. Clarissa’s poison DoT is good though… because her poison actually do extra damage against yellow. Imagine this running together with Matilda’s fiend’s 50% extra damage. Unfortunately bringing Clarissa in the same team would mean I have to swap Khonshu out (you can see my team in the above comment where I wrote about Matilda’s DoT).

I’m tempted to undertake a full list of all DoT heroes she is useful with divided out by each ailment.

Separate thread or this one?


I’m leveling chomper right now. I like that he hits hard… Gives health and also bleed damage… I’m also mixing in waddles who is really good.

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Ive been using them both a fair bit for defence, raids and war and im pretty impressed!

That would be awesome, she’ll be my next yellow project!

I’ve vote separate thread. I did roughly the same with my dot and ailment heroes… But i prefer keeping one or two good ailments on at a time… I tried using the s5 with the passive blind and other for damage and it just seems to allow the better ailments to get taken out too quickly.

Ahh…post the link to it if you could please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Auto correct screwed me. I meant… I vote for a separate thread. I did my dot heroes on a spreadsheet…

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Poison overwrites poison. So Clarissa overwrites Matilda. You want to bring a select few ailments. If you stack ailments too high, even if they have three minions, your best result is only three get refreshed, and it might be the wrong three.

The best result I have had, is a defense down ailment, Matilda’s poison, and another strong ailment(Sand or Fire). That way, the three minions can have a good chance to refresh the dots and the defense down.

Keep it simple. You don’t need to attempt to win more or over-win. You simply need to win.

(Matilda+C. Victor)

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Malin has a lot of things to throw -including a juicy bleed damage- and healing reduction for the benefit of fiend survival.

That’s why I favour Horus with Matilda. Great combo.