[Math, offer] Magpie's Emblem Boutique comparison to 2 gems per $0.01 USD

[Math, offer] Magpie’s Emblem Boutique comparison to 2 gems per $0.01 USD

First offer $0.99 USD

If you value gems at 2 per $0.01 then the $0.99 deal is the same as 198 gems

50 gems
175 gems ( cost of 5+5 emblems from shop )
= 225 gems
= +13.63%

Second offer $2.99 USD

$2.99 = 598 gems

175 gems x 3 = 525 gems emblems
150 gems
200 gems troop token
= 875 gems
= +46.32%

I value troop tokens at 0 gems so the second deal is +12.87% ( 675/ 598 ) for me.


I’d see this thread.



I originally posted there, but by the time my draft was done, there were 20+ posts about selling emblems and gems versus USD

So I decided a pure math post did not fit.


Having read through that other thread, I think leaving them separate makes sense.

The other thread is largely a discussion of the premise of selling Emblems, not an analysis of the relative value.


The value in AU dollars is 2 cents per gem so half all that for us.

The question I have here though is why are you or US dollar paying only 1 cent for 2 gems when we are paying 2 cents for 1 gem? Hmmmm

I don’t have a screenshot but our price was 1.99 for the first offer, forget what the other one was exactly but i think 4.99 if I am not mistaken…

It sorta becomes a bit unfair when some have pay more than others for the same package. And actually not only a bit but double the amount.

If you pay $100 in the USA store, you get 1 gem per 1 cent. Better but limited offers show up every month, such as the Atlantis offer and there’s VIP. 2 gems for 1 cent is a benchmark for those who don’t spend incredible amounts.

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$0.99 USD is about $1.50 AUD, and $2.99 USD is about $4.40 AUD. My guess is they rounded up and the AUD got the short end of the stick. :neutral_face:

@zephyr1, do you know if there is any indication whether or not Magpie’s Emblem Boutique will be a monthly deal? Quite frankly, I find the deals here to be on the better side of available deals in this game and look forward to them.

Based on this thread it looks like there’s an emblem offer every 2 or so months.

October (initial offer), January, March.

In November & December there were Halloween/ Christmas offers which featured emblems. Also was the Cyber Monday / Black Friday offers which had emblems too.

Based on that I doubt there will be one this month (Springvale offers instead).

Next one will probably be next month in May…?

That’s not every 2 months :thinking:

It definitely hasn’t been monthly so far.

Seems more like roughly 5 times per year, if it continues at the frequency so far — which could make sense, as it would work out to fully rotate through all of the Classes.

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Got halfway thru typing and hit respond before ordering everything properly; mah bad

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My history shows 10/3/2019, 1/14/2020 and 3/23/2020. 103 days, then 69 days.


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