Materials 4* 0.01 irrisory and pathetic

close my comment again for saying THE TRUTH
They do not like the truths and with evidence, it does not matter
Are you going to have the shame and decency to give me SG 4 * materials to advance in the game? Do you know that more than a year without materials except in events and it is a single material, nothing in mystical vision, nothing in chests, nothing in titans it’s embarrassing
Give me the opportunities that you say, I already ask you to please if you are legal and do not make excuses please
SG please 4 * materials
even my alliance partners freak out, they like you SG are witnesses that no 4 * materials ANYWHERE

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What truth? That epic ascension materials are hard to come by? Everyone knows that already. It is one established fact. Telling it again doesn’t make it anymore truer.

Try using the search option on this forum and you will find several topics already existing on the same matter.

Not only in events, but also the rotational rare quests on approximated schedules (check the monthly calendars):

Also, how often do you open your chests or tap the Mystic Vision ads? As they say, the more you do, the better the chance of getting the prized goodies. On raid chests alone, I open it at least 3x a day. On MV alone, I tap the ads 4x a day. Besides, the more chests you open daily, it speeds up the appearances of elemental chests, giving you another chance of those 4* ascension materials. Do you get 1% ranking in the weekly raid tourney? It’s another source of ascension mats. Do you battle high level titans and get the top grades, which give you extra loot rolls compared to scoring poorly. Rare titans? They have also a chance of giving bonus ascension mats. The top chest after completing stage 50 on ninja tower also has a chance of dropping ascension mats. Try getting 1% ranking on Mythic Titans, monthly challenge events, etc. That is another source of those materials.

LOL. Check these threads out:



if you hit the titan you get a 5 percent chance to get assention materials
if you get in the top 5 you get 10 percent more chance
if you get the kill shot you get another 10 percent
true it might be just a glove or shield its not always darts

get in the top 10 percent of raiding

That’s not really how it works.
If you want to read more about it you can here for example:

Kill shot doesn’t change anything and your percent are too low actually, it’s also more important which loot tier you finish which is dependent on your ranking, but also Titan size. Being top 5 against a 5* titan gives you much worse chances than being last against a 10*.


Lol. Have a read: Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓

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Great summary by @Ultra.

I started tracking my ascension drops out of curiosity this month… as follows:

|29-May|mystic vision|tonic|
|30-May|ninja chest|tome|
|31-May|alkashard combine|darts|
|31-May|atlantis rising chest|tonic|
|8-Jun|valhalla chest|blade|
|9-Jun|raid chest|rings|
|14-Jun|mystic vision|darts|
|15-Jun|Green elemental chest|tome|
|16-Jun|C Titan|blade|
|18-Jun|underworld chest|darts|
|20-Jun|rare titan A|rings|

Take out the 3 chests (which I got basically because I paid for a number of pulls) that still leaves 8 mats in the space of 2/3 of a month

You get draughts and you get downpours. That’s the nature of the game

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