Material Pull - similar to hero summon

I couldn’t find anything suggesting this, so not sure if it’s been talked about.

What about having a pull system for ascension materials, just like we have for heroes? I’m coming to the point where I like my roster but need materials to ascend (I guess same as everybody).

I don’t mind the grind for materials and actually like it, but would gladly spend some gems on a material pull. We could have a pull in the same level of troops (200 gms / 1600 for 10x) to get some materials. Not really sure about rate drops as I am also not familiar with the full rate drops on hero summons.

What do you think?

Actually you have something like that in shop regularly…
But i dont recomend anyone to try it… the drop rate of any material is near 0%…


Right but that is kind of a loot box with not only ascension but also crafting items if I remember correctly.

My thought was more of a pull with only ascension items that are not obtainable by farming levels.

There are crafting and ascending materials separetly… but same as heroes they go from 1*-4* but they still be in AM materials … Just check your inventory.


It’s coming in the Alchemy Lab to some extent :smiley:

Just thought I’d share, 0 for 36 on loot
Boxes for unfarmable 3-4* items. No wonder they do not post the odds

Don’t waste your money. They do publish the odds if you hit the question mark for more information. The odds are pathetic


Wow! Thanks for that…what a joke! 3* at 7% is ridiculously low. This makes absolutely no sense to me at all. You’d think they’d want to make these more available to encourage more summoning

Actually it’s quite a bit more:
1.3 % * 2.85 = ca. 3.7 % to get Poison Darts
7.3 % * 2.85 = ca. 20.8 % to get Orb of Magic
ca. 20.8 % to get Fine Gloves
ca. 20.8 % to get Compass

Overall these packs would average you about two non-farmable ascension mats per three purchases (1800 gems)–which is, however, still terribly bad and definitely not worth it :laughing:

Alchemy Lab Level 9 might be a better alternative, although I think that every F2P and most C2P players should not waste any gems on gambles for ascension mats but rather save them for summons.

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I’m not f2p or c2p by any means and have only been playing for about 5 months. Between the emblems and the mats though it does not seem possible for even a whale to ever “catch up”. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game like that. It is nice though on one hand as that alone helps long term f2p and c2p to maintain at least some advantage over new whales but also keeps the hierarchy of long term whales fairly untouchable.

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