Material Pull - similar to hero summon

I couldn’t find anything suggesting this, so not sure if it’s been talked about.

What about having a pull system for ascension materials, just like we have for heroes? I’m coming to the point where I like my roster but need materials to ascend (I guess same as everybody).

I don’t mind the grind for materials and actually like it, but would gladly spend some gems on a material pull. We could have a pull in the same level of troops (200 gms / 1600 for 10x) to get some materials. Not really sure about rate drops as I am also not familiar with the full rate drops on hero summons.

What do you think?

Actually you have something like that in shop regularly…
But i dont recomend anyone to try it… the drop rate of any material is near 0%…

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Right but that is kind of a loot box with not only ascension but also crafting items if I remember correctly.

My thought was more of a pull with only ascension items that are not obtainable by farming levels.

There are crafting and ascending materials separetly… but same as heroes they go from 1*-4* but they still be in AM materials … Just check your inventory.

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It’s coming in the Alchemy Lab to some extent :smiley: