Matchup in wars is WAY OFF

Whats the piont in having a" matchup" for wars if the alliances are not going to be paired with an alliance that is even close to the same size. Why do go by the teams listed when they are allowed to sandbag and list a team that is over a thousand lower than their highest team power. With teams being allowed to do that along with the moronic war boosts, there is no way for thereto be a true MATCHUP.

The matchup is based (in part) on how many players are opted in. It’s not based on raw alliance size. You won’t be able to see how many enemies you actually have on the field until the war starts.


There are always an even number of players per team in thw wars. The issue is that they are not even remotely matched. For instance, one alliance has 8 players who opt into the war. The highest player has 2800 team power, the other 7 are 2500 and below. This alliance is matched to an alliance who also has 8 players but the top 5 teams are a team power of 3900 and then 3 of their teams have 2400 and below.
This is SO MISMATCHED that there is absolutely no chance of the first alliance mentioned to even come close to holding their own against an alliance with these teams.

Hey @SwiftFury, you appear to be frustrated with how War matchmaking works.
Let’s see if we can help fix that for you.
Matchmaking is based on the number of players who Opted In to War on each alliance. So if you are getting upset based on the member number and not actually seeing the teams on the battlefield, you are getting upset too soon.
Matchmaking also looks at the player’s best heros, not what they are using on Raid defense team. Peeking at them can give you an idea of your opponent, but will give you no idea how deep their benches are, so, again, probably too early to be upset about that.
Finally, both teams get the ‘moronic’ war boosts, so I’m not quite sure how this might be causing the matchmaking to be way off.
If I’ve misunderstood your post, I apologize and look forward to more info but I hope I’ve explained it well enough that you’ll realize this is neither a bug nor an issue.
Good luck in the upcoming War!
Enjoy your day.
(Edit after seeing your response: Do you happen to have screen caps of the previous matchup that caused you to report this today? I mistakenly thought you were upset about the current matchup)

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