Im trying to understand what is taken into consideration how war matching is done? 15k score above our alliance how is that even considered close? This is getting ridiculous. I think some time needs to be put into fixing this issue asap thanks!

They are using the top 30 heroes of each player, with bonus points from the strongest five which are assumed to be the defense team. Matching by alliance score was what they tried first, and had to change right off because it was pretty disastrous.

Just how they’re using that top 30 comparison system is beyond me though. My matches are usually pretty awful too, though at least I tend to get to be the turbo-steamroller instead of the speedbump.

I had the same question and recieved this from devs.

It’s been posted elsewhere but to summarize: we calculate the team power of the top 30 heroes of a player and sum them together. We give extra weight to the top five heroes with the simplistic assumption that they will be used as the defense team. Then we sum those numbers together for every member of the alliance. That’s it.

This also came up in the discussion and could explain my alliance’s problems. At least it made good sense when looking at our members rosters.

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