Matchmaking/War Bug

After matchmaking phase one of the opponents alliance players joined our alliance for a few minutes before he left again. But he is still included in the war.

After it became apparent that the matchmaking was completely unbalanced we became aware that several of their players joined the alliance just 1d ago, so after matchmaking has already been started.

You can jump between allainces as much as you like aslong as your there when war starts your still in that war

As dudeious said, you must only be present in the alliance at the time of matchmaking in order to be included in wars… Then be back before the war itself starts…

See this thread for a full-breakdown on how matchmaking works & a more in-depth discussion on the topic.
Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Please also note that “naming and shaming” is against the #forum-rules so your post has been adjusted.

For complaints & venting feel free to make use of this thread instead:
War matchmaking strikes again

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