Matchmaking skipped

Our alliance went straight from the previous battlefield to the current one . Matchmaking was skipped entirely. We are now shorthanded for war.What happened?

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How are you short handed? Wouldn’t people have opted in or out already? Or are you saying the other alliance has more members?

We’re shorthanded because we’re at 29 instead of thirty;we planned on filling that last spot before war started.But how is this at all related to my question.?This isn’t a Facebook post,I’m not here to argue or explain myself;my alliance’s circumstances are irrelevant.I asked this question because I was wondering what happened.Thanks for

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Sometimes countdown skip and goes straight to matchmaking from war previous result. Or maybe war result last longer?
No matter which one, it happen sometimes and i don’t know why.

Rather then rely on the countdown, memorize yourself when war usually start.

It’s always at the same ours.
Two different starts, alternating everytime.


Thank you,Elpis.I’ll just have to be more attentive in the future :thinking:

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Hey sorry didn’t mean to troll. I focused too much on the shorthanded part and was curious what it meant. Glad Elpis answered your question and thank you for answering mine.


My apologies,my friend.I made the mistake of asking the same question on global and people can be…rude.I sometimes make the mistake of misjudging other’s intentions. Happy Holidays,Ruskin! :slightly_smiling_face:


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