Matchmaking Problems!

How could this happen ???


Same problem reported by us too… we feel you.

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I’m just shocked at the choice of the alliance! This is some kind of horror!

Read my post also, like it or something for the Dev to see… the system needs to be changed… is bugged…

I read your post. You do not have such a terrible situation, it is also bad.
We made a terrible choice - 107K vs 129K
The win was impossible … Why then? How can I win the players in the alliance to play further - when the outcome of the match is known?
The system itself kills us!

Same here. Got an alliance with many cup droppers. Level 40+ ranging at the bottom of the alliance…

To bad i didn’t capture the last team we had… same situation as you mentioned with lower cups and 1* and 2* star heroes in the defense team…

Your situation is much worse, i pointed you to my thread because i also proposed changes to the system.

The system is rigged because the rules take in account things that can be affected by players as @Sorsha pointed out below.

How many wars have you won before?

In total? Don’t know but we lost several wars before. Finally won only last war.
No statistic available.

before the last i believe about 8 but 5 of them because the other team did not use all the flags.

We won the last 25 wars)) But not because the enemy is weak, but because we know how to fight!

We have been matched against someone with 14000 more alliance score than us.
I think I laughed when I see it.
Not sure if the recent changes have already taken affect, if they have there is no improvement and the changes which were aimed at improving match ups were pointless

So you think we don’t know how to fight? Believe me. We know but we as an international alliance have a problems. As we all life in different timezones we cannot coordinate as good as others can but when we had equal opponents (which is months ago) we also won our fights…

As I said in my thread the matchmaking rules have a score that is taken from stuff that can be easily manipulated.

If they make a score from the number of players + total player level and the total power from the first 10 heroes in the list (based on power not position) of each player in the alliance that would be perfect. These things cannot be manipulated.

I think we all know perfectly well how to fight! )

to jest sprawiedliwy dobór przeciwnika na wojnie???

It’s terrible!
Let’s write off after the war - who and how he lost :wink:

the score got nothing to do with matchmaking any more so stop dropping your trophies if you still do so because that have been changed long ago.

the match making calculate the power of your best 6 teams plus the troops you have for those teams it got nothing to do with the score any more. read patch 15.1 release note for more info


We read it… as you can see it does not work as it should. @Fantastic

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