Matchmaking is FAIR

Finally I can tell that the matchmaking is fair.
I got 1 playet alliance same as I got … our power are almost close … but …emm he was not that good as I am lol.
Hopefully next wars will keep coming this smooth.

Tell me about your experince of AW guys.


Mine was too.
The more active (more flags used) alliance won.

Otherwise fairly equal on paper.


Honestly the matchups have been pretty fair for us since they introduced the war chest.


The war matchmaking got better system to count the alliances power … or I just think so after the new update.
I hope it will remain as same as now for next AWs

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Agreed. at least now it rewards alliances with active players with faster war chest filling.


5 good points to my war chest.
Even if they reward me with iron ores, dust and roots I will be happy.
At least will craft dragon flags for coming events hehe.

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It’s still not fun… So anything else doesn’t matter

How its not fun?
Winning is fun.

If you feel the fun is out of your Alliance AW do the same as me … and hunt lonely like Chuck Norriss. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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AW isn’t fun. Hasn’t been fun. Probably won’t ever be fun.

Tbh … I agree with you, but not fo4lr the same reason it might be look like.
I had many AW in Alliances before I take the call to try it solo.
AW is not fun when you are in non well orgnized alliance. You do best of what you can and other members waste your alliance chances so all goe bad and :boom: a LOSE.
My advice is join a good orgnized alliance or do the same and count on your own skills.

Nope. My Alliance is fine. I like my alliance. It’s strictly an issue with the terrible pvp implementation of this game which the mgmt has triple-downed on in AW.

Nevermind that no one should feel forced to leave an Alliance just because the developers have wasted months of time on a failed feature.

Till now its only you telling this.
If you can see others on replays are happy with new AW matchmaking

I think with the performance adjustment it is fair now for sure.

It is also getting pretty good.

FAIR = you win/lose somewhere around 50% of the time.

GOOD = you are matched against opponents of similar strength, so things like strategy and luck could tip it either to a win or a loss.

Fair but bad matchmaking would be one where most of your matches are pretty much guaranteed wins or guaranteed losses, but they happen equally often.

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I’ve been 100% consistent in my views on AW and it’s state as a failure.

Fair, but your complaint is with the structure. This thread is about the quality of the matching.


Our matchups have been much more fair since the war chest update. And if you read any of my posts before the update, you would see that we NEVER had a fair matchup.

And we have so much fun fighting wars. We chat up a storm, coordinate every battle and while we’re waiting for a timer to run down we get to know each other better.


Agree that the matchmaking is fair.

Since the update we had a couple of losses, however it only helped us get more strategic with our attacks. We’re playing alot better as a team.

Congrats my friend on getting a fair matchup, along with a victory

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Its been better for my alliance as well. But in reading, this clearly isn’t the case for all. But it is clear that more alliances are getting better matches now than previously, and it will be impossible to get 100% good matches every time no matter what the system. I guess the question is, when is it good enough.

Guys I said FAIR and meant it.
Its all about your alliances team work to win or to lose.
If you are orgnized then you are winners … if lose then its not the matmaking fault its all yours.
Cause in tge same hand if you won same fight you lost it will be due to your team work right.
Stop blaming SGG for your failuers.

And guess what … I am not a keyboard knight.
And not paid to talk nice about SG … but I used to tell the truth and good when ever I see … and the Truth is … thia is the best AW matchmaking system since the AW been made.
FAIR it is.
You can win or lose
Its 10% luck
15% skill
50% pain
And 100% a reason to remember the name.
Oh yah … but I am just Jedon not Fort Minor.

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Its 10% luck
15% skill
50% pain
And 100% a reason to remember the name.

Just for those lyrics I have to shamelessly try to recruit you. Join us or get raided!



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