Matchmaking in Wo3K

Given the fact that there would be 12 flags in the Wo3K, I suggest that matchmaking should be based more on the overall depth of an individual player than the current system of more weight on the strongest five heroes.

I have an alliance member who fields a defense of 4600 TP, but he can’t even score more than 100 in alliance war, because those 5 heroes are the ONLY five heroes he leveled. Frustrating to have such teammates, I would think it is, for most.

If your ally mate is f2p or c2p or spends, but have horrible luck with summons (not uncommon yah), he’s doing what he can under the circumstances.

Unless you are sharing that he doesn’t bother to level anyone else besides his Golden Five ? :scream::thinking:

I’ve known people who FED everyone except their best 5 heros cause they thought that’s all they needed.

:scream::scream::scream: I hope they didn’t go ballistic when they realised their error.