Matchmaking in progress for many hours

Hi guys, my alliance war is still matchmaking in progress. Many hours have pass… is it normal or just me? Currently i am the only member in my alliance so i cant check with anyone… :disappointed_relieved:

Based on an assumption that matchmaking happens for everyone at the same time, I would say you have a problem. (Matchmaking has occured for us, and never takes hours) Try restarting your game and / or device, and if not solved, contact support :slight_smile:

Ok i will contact support. Thanks DBC. Really looking forward to war though

It seems to do matchmaking in order of largest alliances to smallest, so the one-person alliances are always finishing their matchmaking last. Speaking as a long-term one person alliance member, nothing unusual seems to be happening from the description.

Some updates, my match making was completed… 5 hours after the match making starts.

Contacted support: and they said its unusual to be this long. Jo from SG replied almost immediately and was very professional
If anyone has the same problem next time, SG suggested the following details to send them:

Reply from SG—
We would like to see if it is possible for us to reproduce the problem here; could you please describe how you experienced the problem in the following style:

  1. I opened the view ‘xxxxx’ (Describe first what you were doing immediately before you experienced the problem)
  2. I pressed the button ‘xxxxx’ (Describe second what you did when the problem occurred)
  3. A Pop-up window shows error ‘xxxxx’ (Describe lastly what resulted)

Also if possible, please add screenshots and the exact date and time (with timezone) when the problem occurred. These details will help us locate the issue in question.

just to share some infor if anyone has problem with war match making

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