Matchmaking in Alliance War needs some fine tuning

This is not a complain, just an observation.
We win and we lose, that’s logical.
But i noticed the game is set like, let win a few, and lose a few.
An example: we won a series in war, we felt sorry for the opponent.
Ok, we won those wars, but we felt overpowered. But it did’nt felt good.
Then a couple of opponents come who killed as a foot on a bug.
I think it’s an easy way to keep everyone happy.
Win some and lose some.
We like the idea to be evenly matched. Not like “this gonna be a boring match” or “this we sure gonna lose”. Keep the spirit in it for alliances

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There’s a master matchmaking thread somewhere not too far away…

But my 2c is that our last wars have been decided in the final minutes, and been a margin of around 100 points. That seems pretty even to me. So something is working.


Agreed, all our wars go down the the wire. We just won our last one by 50 points in the final hour. It’s always a close thing.


Participation by members of an alliance go a long way in the final outcome. I think the matchmaking has been so much better but if a couple of players have a hangover or just don’t care enough to use their flags or opt out this will throw the results to a lopsided victory. We lost by 63 points today it was a nailbiter. We had one stronger player on the field who for some reason did not use his flags which would’ve given us a victory for sure or at least 99.99% sure. I have been very happy with the matchmaking for a few months now I think it was the release of version 18.0 when the matchmaking greatly improved.


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