Matchmaking has improved greatly

I threw a lot of shade about the terrible matchmaking that was going on but after the inclusion of a war score that factors in hero strength/depth and recent record, it’s been much much much better. Almost every war I’ve seen has been down to the wire. It’s way more fun and fair, even if we fall on the losing side. Additionally, the fact that flags remaining are visible has greatly improved participation. This also helps a lot.


Totally agree!
20 charsss…

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Definitely agree.:+1::+1::+1:.

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Absolutely agree. We just fought a slightly stronger team, and we won because we used all our flags and they didn’t . But every recent war has been very close

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Agree! The nail biters are equally more stress and more fun.


Agreed! War matchmaking is spot on now.

Yes, they tend to be close.

We win some, we lose some!
Way better than lose all :rofl::joy::laughing:
So yes for us it is also improved greatly.

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I agree. The competition seems to have been more fair. We have won some and lost some but all were close and came down to participation as much as power. I also like being able to see and track flags easier. Good improvements.

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We just lost by almost 1000, to a team that was clearly way stronger than us, using comparable hits, so I’m not ready to concede it has improved greatly. It had, prior to this match, improved though.

Did everybody use their attacks? And the alliance may be stronger but several of them may have opted out to get matched with you. The only spread that large that I’ve seen since the change is when an alliance just doesn’t fully show up. Not saying it didn’t or can’t happen but I’m pretty sure that it’s much much rarer now.

Agree I must.
20 cents.

I agree, most have been close. I have only had two now that were not 300 points or less difference. We won one and lost one of the “not so even” wars, so I guess even that may be working out…

agree, always just a few points difference, huge improvement!

Agreed. Truly enjoying war at this point.

Like I said, we used almost all our hits. Both alliances had approximately 15 unused attacks, both fielded 29/30 teams. This was a simply a bad match.

Basically, everything that everyone complains about in the other thread happened to us (x teams over x defense vs. far less teams on our side at that defense team level). And like I said, the prior couple were fair, but before that they were less fair. Let’s also remember they ninja softened losses by halving the bonus points. A 300 point loss now is basically a 500 point loss under the prior mechanic, though that is probably right on the line of a reasonable match.

I honestly think they need to share more on the mechanic for past performance. If it’s total over the entire thing we are gonna get hosed. We won a LOT of wars before the new mechanic. If it’s recent (like last 5) we shouldn’t have been so outmatched. My guess, it is total w/l over the entire time.

Its pretty simple, but doesn’t work the way you are thinking. The formula it uses caps you at a certain number of wins or losses no matter how much you win or lose and will tend to reflect the most recent matches.


I agree and I feel it’s important that I state it loud and clear.

I certainly was loud and clear when the match ups were horrible. For us at least, war has become fun again!

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My own experience is that the matching lately hasn’t been quite as good at the 1 member/1 war participant only alliance level. It’s mostly good, but a couple of them lately I’ve had enough advantage on the field to win with three flags only.

I suspect that the number of possible other 1 person alliances that you could match is rather small when compared to the general population. That means more likelihood for mismatches.

I have no idea what the cool down period is b4 a rematch is allowed, but I suspect you will be fighting a lot of the same teams over the course of a year.

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