Matchmaking fraud by joining back under matchmaking

Dear anyone,

I just want to know this issue was known or not, because this one is very frustrating and looks titally unfair with in alliance wars.

I’ve checked the war scores and the dates of joining between us and the enemy alliance when the matchmaking was ended. One of the enemy player joined back right then (the most powerful 4500+def lvl55 player) and their war score get higher.

How in the world possible to participate wars after or under matchmaking?

This have to stop!

Here are the proofs…

Have you reported to SG? I have seen it happening to my alliance, and reported it. SG has replied that they would look into it.
Also a team member can leave during the preparation phase of the war and return just before the start of the war to be on the battlefield.


Which one is the best way to report it?

I would send SG the screen shots of alliance war score. And you can report via the support button in the options menu.
They won’t do anything with the current war, but hopefully it will prevent it from happening in future.

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Provided that you:

  1. are IN the alliance during matchmaking
  2. are IN the alliance during the actual battle phase of war

If you do the above you can enter and leave any other time… Breaking it down:

Before matchmaking commences – free to enter and leave

During matchmaking – MUST BE IN ALLIANCE

During “Preparation Phase” – free to enter and leave

During “battle phase” – MUST BE IN ALLIANCE

Post war – free to enter and leave.


Understand but its not explaining the differences!
And still very suspicious this is affecting the matchmaking…

But I dont wanna make any conspiracy theory here!
Suppose this is not the cause, than what?

I read after and very similar things happening with a lot of alliance. This have to be solved!

War score is a live number. It changes as people opt in and out of wars (or enter / leave alliances). It also changes when players further increase the power of their best heroes and troops too.

HOWEVER that doesn’t affect matchmaking which is done based on a static number, taken at the start of the matchmaking window.

Hence why you have to be IN the alliance during matchmaking.


All of this was well known informations!

The problem is in my opinion is something went terrible wrong sometimes.
Like fighting with an alliance where the lowest guys almost stronger then our best! And when we fought 9v9 and our best was 4100 all other under 3600 while there was 4 player above 4000.
Noooo… its not right! Probably the weightening system is a garbage because de the def teams or the best 5 heores are most important than the rest of the roaster.
And yes! We know its already weighted, but its not working properly!
Maybe with high and alliances where is no such differences between def teams.
But who cares right!? We are just 10 player busted with mismatching…
And do not think im just frustrated of ourselfs! When I saw the opponent in the same situation that was also frustrating. We just want to fight with honor in a fair war. Not in crap like this!

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So now the war is over, we are busted.
The opponent strongest member leaved right after that.
Very interesting ha?!

There’s something really fishy here!

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