Matching system is c**p

We keep being missmatched on war. This is our 5th war. How do we manage to fight and try to kill opponents witwith 3200 power team if no one in my Alliance has reached that level. There are 7 opponents which are war too stron for us. This is becoming frustrating. Your matching system is so c**p.

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Sounds like maybe you have deeper benches. I think. It’s a matter of luck and coordination.
My alliance keeps getting stronger opponents we loose some we win some and move on.

The problem with wars is - half of the game community will always we unhappy as one side has to be weaker. I have yet to come across someone saying “oh, how unfairly matched war, we are so much stronger…” - noone does it, you just jump on the train and get them points to fill in you war chest when you can :pray:


Actually I have said that! We have got couple too easy opponents after update and one where we much weaker. Other have been close match, which I like more. I don’t want to crush opponent over 1000 points or lose over 1000 points, if every attack is used. Before update our wars where more even with 200 point difference at end, some we won and some we lost, but those are just so fun wars.

My other alliance has been missmatched almost every time and have lost almost every war last with over 1000points even that we used more attacks than them. :disappointed_relieved: And we had already lost two before that. One war was close match and that we won. This time we are again facing opponent, which seems much stronger in paper and most of our players only have two teams in war. I’m still hoping we can beat that team tough. :rofl: I’m not giving up yet.


Still, I guess, we either make peace with what it is or some ppl need to find a different game, lol.

All I meant was that in most cases there will always be something to cry about🙂, but there is still life outside of the game.

On the other hand I’m happy that there is so many ppl who seem no to have different problems than the mobile game not going their way.

Happy fighting everyone x

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I suspect newly pulled 5*s to be a problem. Check with your members. Some my be spenders sitting on a bunch of 1-1 five stars.

I pulled my main account from my alliance a while back. I think at the time I have over 30 1-1 five star heroes who had a top ranking on my power list and was counted for at least 25 of my heroes within the matching system. Since then our matches have been very even.

It may be a false assumption, but worth looking into.


But that was, what they suppose to fix with that update. They changed those teampowers, because of that.

Not every match is perfect, but I also think, pointing out that there are still problems can help making matchmaking even better. :wink:

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It’s not crap. We have won 5/6 wars. :blush:

I think that you should compare number of flags used by each when determining if you were out matched. Participation weighs heavily.

I did the pull after the update. After the update, we had the worst match ever.

I’m usually fair with the system. I think SG has done a good job. I dont t see a way to make it perfect except at the highest levels where you have 30 members with 30 maxed out legendary heroes.

However, I do feel that new 5 star heroes still carry to much weight. I’d say to add 1-1 heroes to an exemption list, but I’d imagine that would be exploited somehow.

War matching is c**p like raid system and don t let me start moaning about that…@alex yes we have a life but I want to point out how crappt this game is becoming with SG becoming more greedy money wise.and not doing much in order to let you spill money.

The raid matching system works perfectly.


Matching is based on the total of 30 heroes of each team member summed with your alliance you get the alliance total team power, for example:

So if team A has 10000 in total alliance team power
then team B would have 10000 in total alliance team power

If the defense of the opponents is high its because they have used there best cards but does not mean that they would win.

The telling tale is when they start using their flags as we have found that they don’t have strong enough 30 heroes just have one solid defense.

We have had opponents with 3500+ defense but about a quarter of our team have defense of under 3000 tp. We have won several times through strategy, tactics and team effort.

I am a tank member with 4 teams of 3000+tp and 2 team of 2500+tp, my job is to grind them down and leave the scraps for the cleaners. I am happy to do so, I am a team player.

The war matching system is questionable at times we do wonder, but it does work just wish they would get rid of the field aid.


Please go ahead and explain why the raid matchmaking is c**p. I’m curious how anyone who doesn’t lack understanding of basic game mechanics can do anything except win every match while attacking.

I’ve noticed, for me, it seems every time I go on a “run” of raid wins, the system goes into what I call “smackdown mode”. As happened just now, my ~2600 team got matched against 4 opponents in a row that were ~2900 - 3300 strong. While I often manage to overperform, I got my butt handed to me. The last 2 opponents were more evenly matched but I got TERRIBLE boards. It seems to be a pattern so I can imagine how some folks get dissatisfied. It’s put me into an ongoing cycle vacillating in cup count from low 1100s to low 1300s, depending on the most recent runs. YMMV of course.

I used to think the same but am now enjoying the additional challenge.

AW involves having a wide selection of heroes to choose from to deal with the different defensive teams set up by the opposition. With the addition of Field Aid, I have to be extra cautious and send in my fast attackers rather than average/slow. Means having to expand my roster but E&P is after all a game with multiple heroes and choices so I’m happy to just collect and level as I get them.

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They improved it. I don’t think they “fixed” it. The matching may be good (but not perfect) for maxed heroes, but though not as bad as it used to be, is still lacking for others.

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Hey, bad boards happen.

… as does lack of caffeine …

< / my excuses >

Sure you can reroll until you can find a team you know you can smack down. But if you take em as they come, then you will not win every one.

Oh please raids have always crap in this game.

What did they inproved? The matcjing system isn t fixed, war last time was cancelled due to a mysterious reason. The opponent we are trying to fight with have more then team member with strong team power from 2400 till 3300 team powern it is only me having a2600 team power. Really i don t eve

Even care of looking what s happening on war. I m not saying i m expecting yo win all the time but at leadt getting a fair matching so we can enjoy gighting opponents with similar team power. Small Giant are even making frustrating war in order to make u spend money ,so that people could get better

Heroes. But ppl aren y so stupid. And soon I hope this gane will shut down .