Matching for wars

As a newer alliance our power is about 19k … most of us left one alliance to form our own after the leader left the game. We are all experienced players with higher hero’s. Last war the final score was (us) 3k to (other alliance) less than 1k … this coming war we are matched against an alliance that has only 4 active players… how exactly do you match up wars ?

The game does the matching. It appear to be based on your alliance score, which is the sum of your Titan score and trophies.

I understand that it is done by points but we have yet to be challenged in the wars.
As a newer alliance with experienced members it just feels unfair that’s all … we have gotten new hero’s that are lower just to try and keep it fair … now we are facing a 20 to 4 war … and weak titans that last 10 minutes or less … just getting frustrated that’s all …

that’s the cost of migrating to a new alliance. You just have to keep at it, in a week or two you will be back at your own level :slight_smile:

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This is our current state of war … they started with 4 and had 1 leave the alliance

3rd war unmatched …

Please notice each alliance score … they have 3 members that qualify for war … once again an unfair match

But they kill same strength titans you do

I hope it’s okay to ask a question here. It is related to matching I think, but did not want to start a new thread.

I know that minimum level to participate in the war is 12, but at what point is that relevant? Is it level 12 to start the preparation phase, or is it 12 at the actual start of the war?

My little alliance consisting of my main account and 3 alt accounts is matched with a team of 27. Most of the members are around level 9 or lower and joined recently. All accounts seem to have been active in the last day or so. Thinking a few of them could level up enough if they worked hard, lol.

I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end, but was curious.

These are great examples of why each player should have a button to say they are in for the war. I would love for match ups to not include inactive players, players that aren’t able to participate in a war (we all have life get in the way now and then), players that aren’t levelled high enough for wars, and players that just don’t want to do wars. Heck, our casual / vacationers alliance is matched up against an alliance of 1 member that hasn’t been around for 16 days. I can’t see this being much fun…


I haven’t seen the answer to this yet, but I’d love to know! Please let us know what happens! :grinning:

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Anyone under level 12 will be removed from field at start of war.

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Okay, then it is feasible that some may be able to level up before tomorrow morning to join the war, lol. Oh well, lol.

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Once the war starts they will not be able to join it if they are under level 12 … I can not say if they can still participate if they level before war and after prep starts.

If they hit lvl 12 during prep phase they can participate in war as long as they set a defense team


a 6th teamslot would be nice

I think war its need he change some rules …
1 if you die you stay die to have possibility war can be win with dead of all enemy members .
2 to be matched better it’s good made it special areas for guild too like diamond and platinum.

The wars in beta were originally set up as a “tug of war”—first team to totally defeat the other side wins, or if neither side is wiped, then winner is max points—similar to your point 1. That idea gives a huge advantage to an alliance that can be on Line right at the start of the war, so it was changed.

While I personally like the idea of tiered awards (becuause I’d be in Diamond), the raid tiers have concentrated the best loot on the top teams. I’d rather have more ways for rising players to get the rare ascension mats they need to progress.

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Watching wars?
I’d like to watch some wars when I’ve used all my flags. If is somehow possible to watch someone else’s war? The same alliance members war of course :blush:

Apparently at least 1-3 were definitely able to reach level 12 during the prep phase and are participating in the war. So far, after the first round of flags, my 4 person team was ahead of their 8 person team, but am almost sure, maybe, idk, that not all of them have used their flags, lol.

Their titan score is also quite a bit higher now than it was, overall is also more. Still, I am doing better than I thought, so all is well, lol.


Not even half time … not even close to it … over 6k to less than 200 … we have a team with 2 fighters against us this week