Match up structure in raids changed?

I was wondering if they changed the match up structure in the raids. I was trying to loose some cups and I was attacked buit someone without anny cups. I had around 2k cups

That’s someone who is “dropping cups”. You only see their temporary defensive lineup which they use to get folks to attack them. The game does not show the much higher offensive lineup they use to attack you back.

I personally don’t attack a line of 1’s.

The guy that tryed is level 3 I think his 1* heros are the best there is. But why can he attack me when I have 2000 more cups. This is just strange

Timing? If he’s fielding a team of 1*s he’ll be losing against all-comers. So he could attack when he was in your cup range (and that would have been when you were offline). By the time you come online and check on him, you are seeing his cups as they currently are, and they would have dropped.

(At a guess. Maybe I’m not understanding the question).

This guy can not have been close to my cups. Het is only level 3 and has 0 cups. He can not have had more than 200 cups maximum. I have had no less then 2000 cups.

And there have been 3 more low rank player that attacked me. There where all lower then level 5. Mybe they where matched because my team power was 826. Only 1 max Athena.

Didn’t notice the player level of 3.
Yep… makes no sense - don’t see how they could have attacked. Worth sending support ticket to query this one. Looks like a legit bug if all is as you describe.

Dont u see its a lev 3 commone people ps it was answer to @rook

EDIT: Sorry that was discussed in Beta. draws a veil :grin:

All three person have exactly the same heroes too (derric, brand, sharan, layla, bane) and in that order too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This bug happened also when they first changed the cuprange for the top 100 (at the same time as the revenging online players). It was an “unexpected side effect”, maybe they tweaked something there again?

Every new player gets those heroes in that order, so not very strange

Thanks. now i know. :grin:

Thanks all. I will check for the bug again and send a rapport.

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